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New house to avoid the smog window ventilation tips

There is a taste in the renovated house. The exterior of the house is full of shackles. On the one hand, I want to open the window to disperse the paint smell of the house, and I want to keep the smog firmly outside the house. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to several tips for opening the window.


Window opening technique

Newly renovated houses should be opened before the person stays in the closed doors and windows, and then the indoor temperature will rise to 30 degrees Celsius or more and then open the window to accelerate the release of pollutants through the indoor and outdoor temperature difference;

After living, you should choose to open the window for a short time when the sun is out at noon. The house with good convection and north-south is only 10 minutes, and the house with poor permeability can extend the window opening time to half an hour.


Window opening technique 2

When encountering smog weather, it is best to open the window at noon, and avoid opening the window when the concentration of smog is high in the morning and evening. If you are a resident near the road, open the window as little as possible during the daytime traffic.

Window opening technique three

In order to prevent the filter from becoming a source of pollution, the owner also needs to frequently replace the filter and movement of the fresh air system or fresh air. Generally speaking, the finer the filter, the higher the frequency of replacement, and it can be replaced once every 2-3 months.


Window opening technique four

When the outdoor air pollution is not very serious, under the static wind conditions, the window can be opened twice a day for 20 minutes. However, it is necessary to avoid the traffic peaks in the morning and evening and the large winds causing dust. If you encounter continuous pollution days, you can hang a wet towel near the screen window when ventilation is provided, which can filter and adsorb.