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New product is coming | Put the bedroom into a Nordic style, so you don't want to go out!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-26

Living in a modern society, busy may be the norm.

I hope to have a comfortable and beautiful looking space?

I hope there is a place where I can be alone.

Then you may like this Nordic solid wood bedroom furniture!

1/Simple, the bedroom is cleaner

The Tengjia Nordic solid wood bedroom collection has a strong Nordic style.

Eliminate complicated design and pay attention to the use of products.

It also emphasizes the aesthetic expression in the design and the conveyance of spatial naturalness.

The overall line of the product is round and round, with a flat color.

Make the bedroom look simpler and more generous.

▲ Nordic wood bed

2/ Comfortable, need good materials

Solid woodHave a uniquePeace of mind,

canLike a softandMian network,

easilywillBedroom space is included,

In it, a dream of a night is brewed.

In the production, this bedroom furniture is made of high quality wood.

Improve the product experience from the material,

Fresh and quiet in the quiet,Texture in simplicity,

Create a quiet and comfortable environment,

Let people temporarily get out of the busy,

Enjoy nature and warmth.

▲ solid row skeleton

3/Selected and matched, beautiful

A large enough wardrobe to meet the needs of daily clothing storage.

A fully functional dressing table is more convenient and quick to use.

The matching color of the bed allows the wardrobe and vanity to blend into the space.

The rich bedroom features also make the bedroom look better.

▲ wardrobe

▲ Dressing table

Comfort and value,

Sleep in the natural atmosphere.

This Nordic solid wood bedroom furniture,

Does it bring you some home inspiration?