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It turns out that this Eames lounge chair, which has been red for more than half a century, is reall

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2018-09-29

Eames Lounge ChairIs a kind of leisure chair in the United States, designed byCharleswithRay Eames.

Demonstrate fashion and extraordinary taste

The Eames lounge has undergone 60 years of baptism and is still at the top of fashion. This is taste.

Memorable art classics

As the most important in the United StatesMuseum of Modern ArtMOMAThe permanent collection, the Eames Lounge Chair is considered one of the most influential artworks of the twentieth century.

Nothing to sit back and relax

A laid-back life always requires a comfortable lounge chair, the concept of Lotte and the appreciation of nature.

Beauty is classic is beauty

Classic beauty is the finished product that has undergone a long history of scouring; classic beauty, beauty is the eternal proof of things; lack of historical beauty is like a flower without fragrance.

With the exposure of the media,Eames lounge chairWith a stylish casual style, the language is smooth and beautiful.Eames lounge chairIt has become a popular piece of furniture that is popular among people of all walks of life.

fashion"Eames Lounge Chair"The image of the high-end atmosphere, yet elegant, according to ergonomic design, sitting not tired, watching TV, reading, leisure, sleeping, etc., it is the first choice.

After a busy day of intense work and returning home, what we want most is to find a comfortable chair and enjoy a rare time in a quiet and comfortable way.

"Eames Lounge Chair"There are many manufacturers in China. I recommend Tengyi furniture. Their homes have high-density sponge cushions and wear-resistant non-slip jackets, giving them a home experience. The first layer of leather selected by heart, retaining a good natural state, showing the beauty of art. , wear-resistant and breathable.