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Nowadays, the popular "rock board", how to cooperate with custom woodwork, this article ma

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-20

Rock board is a new type of high-tech board, which combines all the top skills of board production, and is an excellent product in the board industry.

The rock board products are invented with classic stone, cement and metal elements, restore the texture and color of the stone, remove redundant details, and combine the real and simple appearance with a variety of technical surfaces to present the beauty of the rock board. The application of large-scale rock slabs to all aspects of home life provides more possibilities for high-end home life.

With the introduction of customized products for Slate Home, it seems to be a magic weapon tailor-made for fashionable people. They are not so beautiful, but they have an innate aura in their bones, satisfying the high-end consumers who seek characteristics and high-quality days.

The rock board has the advantages of easy care, large space, no bacteria, and no mold. In addition to being used as the entire building material for the kitchen space, the rock board is also innovatively applied to the decorative building materials of the stovetop. Hardness reachedLevel 6-7.

The slate is applied to the kitchen countertop, and the general cutter cannot damage its appearance; it is integrated with the cleaning space and the cooking space to reduce gaps and improve food hygiene and safety.

Slate provides more ideas for planning, and the consumer groups of custom homes continue to be younger. Slate home customization brings a new space customization day to modern decoration, so that you are at home with elegance and comfort Habitat.

"Large, light, thin and hard" is not stone, it is better than stone, and a new way of life has now arrived.

Rock board home space, break the tradition, use rock board instead of traditional board, build a characteristic home style that people love more, rebuild a new concept of home furnishing, with a new concept.

The natural texture of the slate board conveys an avant-garde and fashionable attitude to the day. The planners reveal the pursuit of exquisite and life-oriented through concise and atmospheric planning methods without trace.