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Oak and rubber wood are a thousand miles away!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-04-23

Have a friend,

I was very happy to buy oak furniture

Until a certain day

I found that my friend's oak is different from my own oak


Many people are always unclear about oak and rubber wood, especially when buying bathroom cabinets, sofas, cabinets and other furniture, shopping guides sometimes sometimes confuse the difference between the two. Marked as oak furniture, the value of the two is very different.!So, what is the difference between oak and rubber wood??

What is oak(Red Oak, White Oak)

Oak, also known as oak, is widely distributed in large areas in the northern hemisphere, about300There are many varieties. Oak belongs to the family of Fagaceae and Quercus. Oak is roughly divided into two categories: red oak and white oak. However, the color difference between red oak and white oak is not very obvious. The main point is the difference between the tube hole and the forest ray in wood science. For example, the white oak tube hole has a dip filling body. This characteristic makes white oak widely used in wine barrels for storing wine abroad. Red oak cannot be used as a wine barrel. Oak is heavy, hard, straight in texture, coarse in structure, elegant in color, beautiful in texture, quite high in mechanical strength, and resistant to abrasion. Wood is not easy to dry, saw and cut.

Oak is produced in Europe. It has a long growing period, high density, hard material, a relatively bright mountain-shaped wood grain, and a good texture on the touch surface. It has a certain proportion in the furniture industry. Real oak is more expensive. The superior oak still needs to be imported from abroad, and the excellent materials reach nearly ten thousand yuan per cubic meter, which is also an important reason for the high price of oak furniture.

Oak is divided into two types: domestic and imported. The red and white oak imported from the United States are of high status, and the price is tens of thousands./Cubic meters, like processed square timber,1The market price in inches of thickness is about six or seven thousand yuan per cubic meter, two2 Inch thickness is about to sell9000yuan/Cubic meters or more. Of course, oak is distributed in China's north to Jilin, Liaoning, south to Hainan, Yunnan, but high-quality wood is rare, and superior oak still needs to be imported from abroad. At present, the price of domestic oak sold in the market is much lower than that of imports. Generally, it is mainly produced in Yunnan and Hainan, and Yunnan oak is superior to Hainan oak and Yunnan oak.(Square wood)The market price of6000~10000yuan/ cubic meter. Oaks on the market now include European white oak, Indonesian oak, classical oak, Indonesian rain oak, royal oak, and red oak.

What is rubber wood?

The raw material of rubber wood is the rubber tree used to produce natural rubber. After the peak period, the wood is used to make the finger joint board, so the formal name is: rubber wood finger joint board or rubber wood laminate. Rubber wood also has wooden squares or large planks, but it is not common. It is irresponsible to describe rubber wood as oak, which is a sloppy eye. Oak is a high-grade material, and there is no finger joint board.

Rubber wood is very common in the market, mostly finger jointed boards, that is, rubber wood laminates. Rubber wood finger jointing plate is a relatively good material in the field of jointing plate, with moderate hardness, small shrinkage, resistance to humidity, not easy to deform, and good color performance. Therefore, many furniture panels are made of rubber wood finger joint board, which is also carpentryDIYExcellent material. Laminated wood is a large batch of industrially produced solid wood plates spliced ​​with small plates, which are typicalWWWZigzag interface. It is the same as the fir jointed board, which is a common material. Market price standard sheet(122Cm ×244Cm in thickness6Mm to50Between mm). Price per sheet300Yuan, or about every square100yuan.

Is rubber wood toxic??

The reason why rubber wood is rumored to be toxic is that rubber wood itself contains high sugar content and is prone to insects. Therefore, before making furniture materials, chemical treatment must be carried out, that is, spraying with chemical potions to neutralize sugar, specific The principle is also not clear to me. In short, it destroys the high-sugar environment and avoids insects. The wood after chemical treatment is qualified rubber wood, and then enters the market after drying and other procedures.

Regarding the concept of whether it is toxic, chemistry is not equal to toxic, paint is the most typical chemical substance, but solid wood furniture will have paint. There are many solid wood cabinets made of rubber wood finger joint boards, which are basically exported. I believe that the quarantine and safety measures in developed countries are better than domestic ones. If rubber wood is toxic, it cannot be exported in large quantities. At present, all the sources of toxic speech of rubberwood on the Internet come from several fixedIdIt is not difficult to see the motive.

Rubber wood is also divided into domestic and imported categories. The price of domestic rubber wood square timber is at3000yuan/Around cubic meters, the price of imported rubber wood square timber is at6000yuan/Cubic meters or so.

Identification of oak and rubber wood

Because rubber wood and oak are not the same grade of wood, so the market will"Rubber wood" referred to as "oak" is a misleading consumer behavior. So, how should ordinary consumers identify it??

11. Basically, there are fewer high-quality species of oak furniture. If imported, the price is higher.

23. Pay attention to whether the wood grain is clear and beautiful. Because of its relatively distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain, the clearer the oak wood grain, the higher the value. Rubber wood does not have the wood grain unique to oak.

33. Pay special attention to whether the wood is fine and clean. If consumers buy dark oak furniture, they should carefully check whether there is a painted part to see if there is a unique sense of fineness of oak.

4And there is to see if the wood color is pure. Oak furniture is best to choose the natural color type, and the wood color of rubber wood is impure, and even has spots and black spots.

If you encounter a darker color(Such as deep red, deep black, etc.)Consumers should pay special attention to those marked as "oak furniture". At present, there are some furniture manufacturers in China, who bought an extremely cheap wood from Hunan, Jiangxi and other places to impersonate oak. This kind of wood is tough but not tough, and it will crack over time.

It is worth mentioning that, due to the hard texture of oak, it is difficult to remove moisture. Furniture made without dehydration will only start to deform after a year and a half, and consumers should pay special attention when buying. The oak material is found to be a good material in use, and the price is relatively moderate.

The furniture market is uneven, beware of being cheated! !