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Office sofa is especially important to create high-end and beautiful office environment for the offi

  • Author:Tengye smart furniture
  • Release on:2020-03-16

The office is the place where large and small enterprises work.A neat and beautiful office has a lot to do with the work efficiency of employees. Not only can it improve the work efficiency of employees and the sense of belonging to the company, but also promote the effective development of the company. How to create an upscale and beautiful office environment.

Office sofaThe choice is particularly important.


1,Pay attention to the coordination of the office layout

In general, the choice of sofa determines the customer's impression on the company to a large extent. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing a sofa is the coordination of the entire layout. You can't just look at the sofa alone and pay attention to the overall corporate image . When renovating the office, first determine the overall style of the office, and then select the sofa that matches it according to the overall style of the office. It is best to choose a square sofa in shape, and try to choose a better material. The color is mainly dark, and the office is rigorous and formal.

2,Pay attention to the comfort of the sofa

The comfort of the sofa is of paramount importance. Office sofas are generally used to receive guests or for office staff to rest. Therefore, the choice of office sofa, comfort is very important. The seat and back of the sofa should be curved surfaces suitable for the physiological structure of the human body. The height should be moderate, too low to sit, and too high to sit uncomfortably.

3,Match the size of the office

The choice of sofa should be based on the overall layout of the office. When the office area is small, you can choose some small double sofas, which can save more space for the room. But for larger office space, you can choose some larger sofas and have suitable coffee tables.


4,Focus on the quality of the sofa

aLook at the wooden pieces of the sofa. When choosing a sofa, be sure to check whether there are any cracks or looseness on the wooden parts. The surface paint film coating should be flat and smooth, the color should be similar, and there should be no paint film peeling.

b, The shape of the sofa. When buying an office sofa, be sure to see whether it is full and well-proportioned, whether the size is appropriate, whether the fabric has no obvious color difference, and whether the fabric patterns such as strips and grids are symmetrical.

cThe structural strength of the sofa. When buying, you can shake the armrest of the sofa by hand, be sure to feel no looseness or noise of the backrest, touch the seat and back of the sofa with your hands, and press hard.2 ~ 3Secondly, the hand feels smooth, there is no sound of spring friction and the feeling of pressure is used to estimate whether the sofa seat surface is durable and can withstand the pressure of the human body.


5,Choosing the right price sofa

Sofas, like any other product, have high, middle and low prices. Of course, different prices will result in a different quality, different grade of office sofa. This is the commonality of all products, so you should do your best when choosing. .