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Only three strokes are needed. Tengye Furniture teaches you how to distinguish environmentally frien

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-05-06

When buying furniture, environmental protection and pollution of furniture is a problem we need to consider. Then, when buying furniture, how to distinguish whether it is environmentally friendly furniture?

One,Look at the material

Nowadays, there are many kinds of furniture materials, which can be roughly divided into: solid wood, board, leather, steel, plastic, fabric, rattan and modern paper furniture. No matter which kind of material is used, the first thing to ensure must be healthy and pollution-free. When purchasing furniture, you can look at the relevant quality inspection report to ensure that the furniture you purchase is healthy and environmentally friendly, in line with national or international standards.


In fact, many furniture panels themselves have no formaldehyde content, but after processing, in the process of furniture production, sutures will be used, and the paint will be painted and finished, which will lead to high formaldehyde content, so buy When you are looking for furniture, you should first smell the pungent smell. If it is very pungent, it is likely to have a high formaldehyde content. However, some furniture are not qualified, but the material is still unqualified. Therefore, before buying, you must ask the merchant to show the relevant environmental certificate.

Third, touch the paint

After smelling the smell, you need to look at the paint carefully. Paint is also closely related to the health of the human body. You need to touch it with your hand. When you touch it, you need to pay attention to whether the surface of the paint is smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, and whether there is any paint falling. Generally, the furniture of regular manufacturers is very well done in terms of paint.

The above methods are how to distinguish whether it is environmentally friendly furniture. If you like the furniture on the picture above, you can search for more content on 1688.