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"Orange" storms and waves! The salty and sweet orange family is waiting for you to pick

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-07-20

If you want to use a color to describe summer, it can beOrange, Always passionate and full of energy.

OrangeSomewhere between red and yellow, in warm colorsThe warmest color, Lively, cheerful and full of energy, can make people think of the sun, fruit, glow and other things related to harvest and happiness, and stimulate joy.

There are many colors belonging to the orange series, including sunny orange, coral orange, orange peel orange......In home decoration, these colors are often used in walls, furniture, and ornaments to mobilize the vitality of the space and make people shine.

What are the popular orange?

Hermes Orange / Fashion circle "carry the handle"

Since the last centuryIn the 1950s, luxury brand Hermès designated a special orange as the brand's exclusive color. This orange began to occupy an important position in the fashion circle and is still popular today.

Hermès Orange's publicity and fiery have a bewitching charm, which makes people unable to move their eyes. At the same time, it is also full of modern fashion sense, just like the Hermes brand, walking in the forefront of fashion, showing an elegant and elegant temperament.

Melon Orange / 100% sweetness

Compared to Hermes Orange,The popular color of melon orange in 2020 is more "gentle". It is mixed with a few pink tones. The girl feels full, as if with the fresh fruity fragrance of honeydew melon.

How to decorate home with orange?

In home applications, orange is most often matched with a suitable color, as an embellishment, to avoid visual fatigue caused by large-scale use.

Orange X white

Adding some orange to the white-based home can increase the vitality of the space. Orange furniture, paintings or ornaments also give the space a memory point, just like the last spicy sauce sprinkled on the table before the food is served. With it, it has a characteristic and layering that is unforgettable .

Orange X Premium Gray

The cold gray and the warm orange seem to be incompatible with each other, but in fact they can form a full-fashioned fashionCP.

In a large area of ​​gray tone, a little orange can subtly light up the home space. Under the harmony of gray, orange is no longer excessively hot, but exudes a stylish and elegant atmosphere, bringing a unique visual experience.

Orange is not only used as an embellishment color. Oranges with lower brightness and purity like honeydew orange can also become the protagonist in the home.

Orange wall

Using orange as the wall color can make the space look warm and full of security, creating a joyous and energetic home atmosphere.

Orange single product recommendation

An elaborately designed orange home furnishing item can have excellent appeal, and it can become the focus in the home, making the space look full of high-grade.

Hermes Orange Soft Leather Bed

In the bedroom, add a touch of Hermes orange to make the space no longer dull.

This bed has a simple design. The soft bed head is filled with natural colored down and leather, and the touch is delicate and soft, which makes the dreams inhabit. With the same color bedside table, the space style is more unified and beautiful.

Hermes Orange Simple Dining Chair

Orange is used in restaurants to increase appetite. Slender appearance lines, gray and orange match, this table and chairs come out with a halo of restaurant protagonist. It can easily enhance the value of the space and accompany you through high-quality dining time.

Color and emotion are inextricably linked.

Orange gives home style more possibilities, and also makes people feel the vitality and hope in these styles.

Add a touch of orange to life and feel the beauty of home together~