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Mountaineering, climbing, looking at the horizon - Tengyi Danxia Mountain Tour

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-04-11

At the end of June, the sun was like a fire. Listening to the cicadas, facing the hot wind, Tengqiu members crossed the city and met the Chibi Danya in Danxia Mountain.

Although the mountain is high, it can still climb

Danxia Mountain is beautiful and steep. Mountaineering has requirements for physical strength and it has also tested the will.Between the steep mountains and forests, all the members of the Tengjiao climbed hard and challenged themselves while challenging the mountains.

Although the mountain is high, it can still be climbed.Look for the goal and turn the inner persistence into a solid footprint. The process may be sweating and may be panting, but the end will always arrive.

Sincerity and trust

The vegetation is lush, and the two people in the forest are full of vitality. Two groups of teams, discussing strategies, rely on each other. Part of the direction of the move to the teammates at the helm, but also bear the weight of part of the teammates around, and support each other forward. Winning or losing is not important, because even if there are twists and turns, Tengyi people will move toward the end.

Sincerity and trust are the beginning of cooperation and communication. There will always be, but if you work together, there will be no goals that cannot be achieved.

Come and enjoy yourself, bring the beautiful scenery to your eyes, and hide the meaning of travel into your heart. The Danxia Mountain tourism event has come to a successful conclusion.