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Pay attention to the details of the bedroom design, don't regret it after finishing the decorati

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-11-02

Compared with other home spaces, the bedroom may be the most relaxing place in the home.

At the end of a busy day, you can relieve your fatigue to your heart's content; when you wake up from a good dream, you can welcome a beautiful new day.


Whether the bedroom is comfortable or not directly affects the quality of sleep and the quality of life. There are many key points that cannot be ignored during decoration.

What are the design details that need to be paid attention to for a bedroom that is visually beautiful and comfortable?

Lights / Journey to Open Dreams

Soft light

For the bedroom, it is sometimes not suitable to use too strong lighting. In addition to functional lights such as reading lights and night lights in daily use, softer lights can be selected for ordinary lighting.

Soft light can create a more soothing and peaceful sleeping atmosphere, help relax the body and mind before going to bed, and relieve the tension brought by work and life.


Dual control switch

You may also have this experience: you just warmed up your bed in the winter night, just had a little drowsiness, but you have to get up again and go to the door to turn off the light... Every time like this, the importance of dual control switches is more obvious.

Set up dual-control switches at the door of the bedroom and at the head of the bed. It is much more convenient to turn off the lights before going to bed and turn on the lights at night.


Storage / low-key integration into the space

In the bedroom, most people will set the wardrobe as the main storage space to accommodate clothing, bedding and other sundries.

A large wardrobe is suitable for a relatively simple and low-key design, which forms a harmonious visual effect with the overall decoration style and wall surface, reduces the clutter of the space and makes the bedroom look more transparent.


Furniture / Dreams have a dwelling

Bed height

The bed is the most important furniture in the bedroom. When choosing a suitable bed, not only the space and the size of the bed need to be considered, but also the height of the bed.

Taking the knee as a standard, when a person sits on the edge of the bed, the knee is as high as the bed, or slightly higher than 1-2cm, which is the most comfortable height for a person to get out of the bed. According to the average height of Asians, the bed height is controlled to the left of 300mm and the mattress is about 500-600mm, which can make living more convenient and comfortable.


Soft package design

The soft bag design at the head of the bed is not only a decoration, but also brings a more advanced taste to the space; it also has functionality and brings a comfortable sitting and lying experience. Whether it is leaning against the head of the bed and reading a book before going to bed, or simply being in a daze, you can feel soft and comfortable, and make people feel more relaxed.


The bedroom is not just a place to sleep,

It is also a space to reveal the true self.

Carefully handle and arrange the design details of the bedroom

Create a bedroom full of happiness~