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Pay attention to these 5 points when buying furniture online, and avoid stepping on the pit or compl

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-05-13

In this era of convenient life, we rely on the Internet for everything we do. It is like a double-edged sword. The advantage is convenience and speed. You can do things and buy things without leaving the house. The disadvantage is that you are easy to step on the pit. The points are most vividly reflected in the shopping.

Most people usually return or exchange goods when shopping online. Usually this ratio is still very high, but not everyone can succeed in returning goods, because we always encounter some bad merchants and refuse our return. Ask, even ignore us.

Recently, the editor edited Weibo and saw a netizen vomiting and bought more than 10,000 online, but after receiving the goods, the color difference is very large, and no one will deal with it after the sale. It is said that this is still a big brand and the product is also customized of.


In this case, it may not be enough. If you have hundreds of thousands of fansKolIt may even attract attention, but most people obviously do n’t.

Furniture is not like other daily necessities, its price is very expensive, if there are quality problems and complaints are fruitless, it is a big loss, so I will share with you the precautions and acceptance issues related to online furniture purchases. While shopping online, we can reduce certain risks.



The most important things to buy furniture are reputation, credibility and after-sales. Don't over-purchase low prices and ignore quality problems. Sometimes we will see that for the same product, some merchants sell it cheaply, and some merchants sell it very expensive. At this time, we have to keep our eyes open like a detective.

For stores with cheaper products, we can look at the materials, environmental protection, and comfort of the products, because the better the materials used, the higher the price; for the stores with more expensive products, we can go through the reviews To understand the quality of the product, you must look at the positive, negative and follow-up comments.

Normally, big brands and high-profile shops have better quality and better after-sales service. If it is a small shop, there is a problem with the furniture you buy later, there may be no way to deal with it. It is recommended that before buying, you can search for furniture stores with good reputation online.

2. product information

I can't see the real thing when buying furniture online. We can only understand it according to the renderings. The furniture on the general renderings looks large, but it is actually very small, and there are some differences in the color and style of different batches of products.

Therefore, when we buy, we must look at product specifications, dimensions, appearance characteristics, etc., in order to avoid the problem of inconsistency between the physical object and the picture.

Furniture is not like clothes or snacks. It has a large volume, heavy weight, and relatively high shipping costs. If you want to return the product, it will be very troublesome and even cause economic losses to yourself.

3.Return conditions


This must be seen, the general premise of the return is that it must not affect the secondary sale of goods, and some products, such as custom furniture, cannot be returned. When returning goods, some merchants will also require customers to bear the corresponding freight, packaging fees and other expenses.

Although most merchants claim that there is no reason to return the goods, it is not necessarily smooth to return the goods. The merchant may find various reasons to refuse the return application.

It should be noted that some businesses will indicate"Due to different factors such as light and board batches, there will be differences between the actual object and the picture, please refer to the actual object." Such information, if the color difference, size error, etc. are required to return the product, the merchant may not agree, so the early stage is in Be sure to read the return conditions when purchasing.

4.Freight insurance

Buy furniture online, it is recommended not to save freight insurance, especially fragile products, such as glass, ceramic products, these furniture are easily damaged during transportation. If there is a commodity problem due to logistics, the insurance company will confirm the loss and pay the claim to the buyer ’s Alipay account.

For large and medium-sized furniture, you must also confirm with the customer service in the early stage whether the door-to-door, installation service, charging and other details, to avoid unnecessary disputes with the merchant in the later stage.

5.Sign for

There are many pieces of furniture that will be split and packaged in order to facilitate transportation. This has certain packaging and transportation risks. For example, merchants miss out or bump in the transportation to damage the furniture.

When buying furniture online, you must carefully inspect the goods first, and then confirm that there is no problem before signing. For the assembly of complex furniture, you can communicate with the merchant, and the other party will provide home delivery and installation services.

Regarding the signing of furniture, many people did not do a good job, but just took a look at the appearance, and even hurriedly signed for the package without opening it.

So that when there is a problem in the later period to find customer service, others refused the request on the grounds that you have signed it. For our rights and interests, let's take a look at the acceptance process with the editor.

1.Outer packing


When receiving furniture, count the number of packages and check the outer packaging. If the outer packaging is damaged, you must communicate with the merchant in a timely manner, explain the situation, and refuse to sign if necessary.

2.Furniture appearance


First look at the furniture for scratches, cracks, color, paint, etc .; secondly, touch the surface of the furniture with your hands and tap a few times to see if the interior material is decayed and has poor elasticity; finally smell the furniture. Tears indicate high levels of formaldehyde in furniture.

3.Furniture Craft



The process here refers to whether the furniture is firmly connected, whether the cabinet door is drawn smoothly, and the stability of the furniture. These are not problems of installation services or their own. Once they are found, they should immediately communicate with the merchant.

We buy furniture online, there will be certain risks, because you ca n’t touch it, and you ca n’t see the real thing, so you must pay great attention to the pre-purchase, acceptance and after-sale.

For merchants and us, there are costs for returning goods, such as freight, packaging fees, and time and energy for negotiation between the two parties. These are costs.

The editor recommends that when you buy furniture, try to choose brands that have stores online and offline, so that buying furniture will be more at ease, and there will be more protection.

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