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Recommend a very comfortable chair, the uterus chair gives parents the best choice!

  • Author:Teng
  • Release on:2019-05-14

"There is an old family, such as a treasure." This sentence may not be very appropriate, but the importance of the elderly to several families is unquestionable. Parents can say that they are almost the most admired and loved by everyone. Baishan filial piety is the first, and filial piety should be timely. It is better to buy a comfortable lounge chair for your parents.

Tengyi Xiaobian recommended a uterus chair, also called the inner frame of the tire chair is formed of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the tripod is made of stainless steel, the uterus chair is1946Erosarinin(Finnish American)Representative works.Uterine chair(womb chair)The ergonomic design is extremely comfortable and the seat is extremely comfortable. It is recommended to have a foot pedal so that you can relax with your heart. Comfort is its most practical selling point, its nameWomb chairThe origin is said to be because of its comfort. If you choose a gift for the elderly, this uterine chair(womb chair)It is also a good choice. Of course, this chairperson can also be used by young people.

Ero·Sharinin(Eero Saarinen,1910-1961) is famous in the United StatesArchitectAnd industrial designers, his furniture design is highly artistic and strong, and has the same distinctive features as his architectural design. Sharining continues to innovate in furniture, especially in chairs. His chairs have undergone rigorous physical, mechanical, and ergonomic tests to demonstrate his strict scientific attitude. He created the uterus chair(Womb Chair)Tulip chairTulip Chair), foam chair (Bubble Chair), soap chair (Soap chair) and other world famous designs.