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Recommend the minimalist lifestyle for everyone, save it and do it

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-05-18

The so-called minimalism does not mean eating only one dish, not willing to spend money, etc., but giving up invalid things, using your time and energy to the maximum, and doing something useful, so as to obtain greater happiness and happiness.

The following is the minimalist lifestyle recommended by People's Daily. Collect it and do it.

1,Minimal desire

To understand your true desires, not to be influenced by external trends, not blindly obeying, not following the trend.

Put all your energies on correct and effective desires, such as health care, family care, caring for friends, and pursuing food.


Understand, choose, focus1-3The spiritual activities you really want to engage in, such as painting, calligraphy, fishing, dancing, etc.

Then fully learn and improve your skills, not blindly wasting your time and energy.

3,Material minimalism

Discard, give away, sell, or donate items that are not in use at home for more than one year. For example, the magazines and books that I have read, the clothes I no longer wear, and the various gifts or decorations I received earlier

Be clear about your desires and needs, and do not buy unnecessary items.

There is indeed a necessary item, buy the best and make full use of it.

Don't hoard things, don't need bargains or defective products.

Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags and paper bags.

Use a handy pen to replace the pile of gel pens.

Use porcelain cups and steel cups instead of paper cups.

Integrate and streamline power cords and charging equipment. Do not buy electronic products repeatedly.

Streamline outings, just bring"Self-key money".

4,Minimal information

Streamline the source of information input and reduce the use of social networks and instant messaging. Don't watch Weibo or the circle of friends.

Stay away from the Internet and mobile phones regularly to avoid information harassment.

Don't pay attention to entertainment and social news that have nothing to do with yourself.

5,Minimal expression

Write things and speak as simple, direct and clear as possible.

In particular, some people are prone to nagging and long-winding. At this time, they should reduce their expressions. Do not talk nonsense and do not care about things that should not be handled.

6,Life is minimal

slow life.

Don't do invalid socialization.

work out.

The dress is simple and not fancy, but it must be clean and comfortable.

Eat less food containing additives.

Drink white water and pure fruit juice, do not drink carbonated drinks and fruit juices that add a lot of chemical ingredients.

The content of the article comes from the public number of the People's Daily. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it. Thank you!