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Recommendations for custom office furniture and finished office furniture

  • Author:Tengye smart furniture
  • Release on:2020-03-09

In the era of the Internet, there are countless large and small companies. Where there is a company, it needs a place to work, and it also needs suitable desks and chairs.

There are always customers who ask Xiaobian which is better for custom office furniture and finished office furniture? Today, the editor of Tengye Intelligent Furniture will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of custom office furniture and finished office furniture. You do n’t have to worry about purchasing office furniture in the future.


One. Advantages and disadvantages of finished office furniture

Advantages of finished office furniture:

1. The production of finished office furniture is relatively complete, and the structure, size and style are reasonable and can be produced in large quantities;

2. Finished office furniture styles are more suitable for use by the general public;

3. The finished office furniture has formed a fixed production line, with a sufficient amount of goods and a faster production;

Disadvantages of finished office furniture: Finished office furniture is popular and cannot fit the decoration and space needs of each company and company, and cannot be well integrated with space; many small office buildings now have stricter requirements for the size of office furniture It is impossible to arrange a certain number of working spaces in a limited space, which cannot be done by finished office furniture; in addition, finished office furniture cannot be adjusted according to the personality, working habits and industry characteristics of employees.


two. Pros and cons of custom office furniture

Advantages of custom office furniture:

1. Custom office furniture can reasonably adjust the size of office furniture according to different corporate office space, and can make full use of space.

2. Customized office furniture colors, materials, accessories, etc. can be made according to customer needs, as long as the matching furniture is in harmony with the interior decoration style, the choice of raw materials is relatively large.

Disadvantages of custom office furniture:

1. The production cycle of custom-made office furniture is relatively long, and it is not suitable for urgent use. If you choose custom office furniture, you must pay attention to it: because custom office furniture does not see the finished product, you must pay special attention when inspecting partners. For example, the customer case of the manufacturer, the raw material purchase channel of the manufacturer, the process equipment of the manufacturer, and the professional quality of the sales staff of the manufacturer.

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