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Renovation of houses, the choice of the wall can not be ignored!

Nowadays, young people are decorating new houses, and more and more attention is paid. Not only the furniture needs the best, but also the floor and the wall need to pay attention to it. Follow todayTengyi furnitureLet's talk about the design of the living room wall.

The function of the background wall is not general, and the wall can be soundproof, sound absorbing and absorbing. The most important thing is to make it look beautiful.

Here are some common color matching tips

1,Light and elegant

The center color is yellow and orange. The carpet is orange, the curtains and bedspreads are yellow and white printed fabrics, the sofas and ceilings are in grey tones, and some green plants are set off. The atmosphere is chic.

2,Soft romantic tones

The center color is soft pink. Carpets, lampshades, curtains with red and white tones, furniture white, the room is partially dotted with light blue, with a wave of warm atmosphere.

3,Gorgeous fresh tones

The center color is wine red, blue and gold, the sofa is wine red, the carpet is dark red, the wall is bright beige, the part is dotted with gold, such as gold-plated wall lamp, plus some blue as an aid, it is gorgeous and fresh. style.

4,Elegant and beautiful tones

The center color is rose and lavender, the carpet is light rose, the sofa is more rosy than the carpet, the curtains are available in pale purple, the shades and poles are rosy or purple, and some green cushions and pots are placed. Plant embellishments, walls and furniture in gray and white, can achieve elegant and beautiful effects.