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Renovation remember these points, how to decorate will not be low!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-05-24
With the development of society, now is90After the world, the younger bag has more emphasis on the taste of home decoration style. Some people like Chinese tradition, some people like American style, and pursue Nordic style, but how to choose the home decoration?Tengyi FurnitureTeach you to remember the following five points, how to decorate it will notLow.

the first,Style choice

We all know that there are many styles of decoration, such as Nordic, American, minimalist, Chinese, etc., and even some very unpopular, such as Gothic, nostalgic, etc., but you need to pay attention to the following two points when choosing a style:

1. The size of the apartment will affect your choice of style, especially the style of small-sized apartment to choose from is not too much, Nordic, simple is more appropriate, but Chinese or American can basically be ignored.

2. The style chosen must be acceptable for the family, at least the family also likes it, because the family is living with everyone, and the opinions of the family are also important.

second,Unified style

On this point, I believe that everyone will have some experience, no matter how to install at least the overall style of uniformity, do not appear in the living room Nordic, kitchen garden, bedroom classic Chinese.

Tips: Try not to try the mix and match style, unless you are confident and aesthetic, or you find a very powerful designer, or you will regret it after you finish it.

third,Spacious vision

Even if your house is small, you need to maintain a visual sense of spaciousness in some spaces. For example, in the decoration of the living room, this feeling is very important, because as long as the visual spaciousness is believed, the mood must not be very bad.

and so. The decoration lines and decorations should not be too complicated and many, try to keep it simple and neat. Especially for small units, don't fill up the space, so that the space is small and messy, and even has a sense of oppression.

fourth,Strengthen lighting

Lighting is very important to the room, the light and darkness of the light will have a great impact on people's mood, so in the decoration process, we must consider the problem of lighting. For example, the living room and the balcony are best replaced with glass instead of the partition wall, so that the living room is bright.

Now the house is basically north facing south. The lighting of this kind of home does not need to be changed too much, but there are some headings that are not good, or intermediate houses. It is possible to renovate the windows and open the windows. Getting bigger is the easiest way to relax.

fifth,Uniform material

In the home improvement, it must be ensured that the decoration materials used are uniform, especially the materials used on the floor and wall. If you are using the floor, it is recommended to use the same in the area where you need to use the floor. The kitchen and bathroom decoration is the same. It is very important to ensure the uniformity of the material.

In fact, the main decoration of the house should be mainly simple and practical. Although it looks good, it does not have much practical value or give up.