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Restaurant decoration Feng Shui 13 strokes to help you get it

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-08

As the saying goes, home and everything, restaurant feng shui is the key to promoting family members to live in harmony. Good restaurant feng shui can not only unite the centripetal force of family members, but also have the role of fortune. Eating in Chinese culture is a very important Ding-style behavior. The whole family must have at least one meal a day, and the relationship will be harmonious.

The first move pattern In terms of feng shui, the restaurant is the same as other rooms, the layout must be square, there must be no corners or protruding corners. The rectangular or square pattern is the best and the easiest to decorate.

The second move Location The restaurant should be located between the living room and the kitchen, in the center of the residence. Such a layout can enhance the harmony of parent-child relationships. The restaurant should not be located directly below the toilet on the upper floor, as the good fortune of the restaurant will be suppressed.

The third measure of decoration The energy of the family comes partly from the food that is eaten. Since the restaurant is a feeding area, it has a lot to do with the wealth of the family. The restaurant should be decorated with bright colours and bright lighting to increase the energy of the fire and accumulate yang. Place plants here to enhance yang and wealth.

The fourth trick The murderer The restaurant should be in the center of the house, but not directly to the front or back door. There are also some problems in the pattern that should be avoided. For example, if it is a building design, the restaurant should be located upstairs; the windows on the left and right walls of the restaurant should not be right, because the gas will enter from one window, and the window from the other side will not gather gas, which is not conducive to the gas of the house. Shipped. Avoid using the space in the adjacent toilet as a restaurant. If it is difficult to avoid, the table should be as far away as possible from the toilet.

The fifth move Yin and Yang blending The restaurant is arranged in a yin and yang balance, but slightly sunny space. In order to increase yang, it is best not to place the ancestral portrait or the yin-like items such as the furniture in the restaurant. The yin is too heavy and harmful to the family. On the other hand, excessive yang will cause family disharmony.

The sixth shot of the sharp arrow corners and beams will emit radon, use furniture and bonsai to resolve the corners, while avoiding sitting under the beams, if it is unavoidable, you can use the red rope to hang two bamboos on the beam, Zhu Xiaocheng The fifteen-degree angle is opposite, and the slogan is down, so that the suffocation can be resolved. Another method is to install an elevation lighting that illuminates the beam.

The seventh stroke The best table shape The shape of the table has important feng shui meaning. The table is preferably round or oval to avoid sharp corners. Symbolizes the prosperity and unity of the family business. If you use a square dining table, you should avoid sitting at the corner of the table to avoid being hit by the suffocation.

Eighth trick Lucky number The number of seats on the table also has an impact on the family. In theory, six, eight, and nine are lucky numbers that are yang. Although the number of people dining at home is fixed, it is up to the guests to decide how many guests to order.

Ninth tactics Every member of the house should be seated towards one of the four bases of this life (see Introduction). Adjust the seat of the person responsible for the livelihood in the home and let him sit in the air. The mother should sit on the Yannian side because it represents family and happiness. It is best for the children who are studying to face the volts. If the elders in the family sit in front of the doctors, they can stay healthy.

The tenth trick Mirrors in the dining area, reflecting the food on the table, has the effect of double the wealth. This is the only place in the home where you can hang the mirror to reflect the food. Others such as the kitchen must not hang the mirror because it can lead to accidents or fires.

The eleventh move mascot The restaurant is suitable for the Fu Lu Shou Sanxian, symbolizing wealth, health and longevity. In addition, pictures of fruits and foods will bring good luck. Oranges represent wealth, peaches represent longevity and health, and pomegranates represent many children and grandchildren.

Twelfth trick Tableware Chinese people are used to eating with chopsticks and spoons, avoiding the use of sharp cutlery to prevent rushing. The dishes are usually decorated with mascots such as dragons, bats or peaches. Chinese people like to drink tea after meals and remove greasy.

Thirteenth trick Table ritual The horns at the time of eating are both rude and unlucky. Meal time is a time for family gathering, family and music, family business will be prosperous. If you have a meal with the elders, you must ask the elders to use them first. This is not only polite, but also the meaning of blessing the younger generation.