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Romantic Tanabata | Home is the story of love

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-07

Utensils always connect with people in life.

Behind every item, there is a story.

Home is a container,

Packing large and small furniture,

Also put a lot of stories.

Tanabata is coming,

Have you discovered the stories related to love behind the furniture?

01/ Sofa and movie

"He likes watching movies very much.

We moved into the new home and the first piece of furniture we chose was the sofa.

On weekdays, we traveled between our homes in the suburbs and our work units in the city center.

I am always busy with my face.

And the afternoon of the weekend is my favorite time.——

He chose an old movie and I took out the private snacks.

We are sitting together on the sofa and watching an old movie together.

Tengyi leisure sofa Let's watch a movie together.

02/ Small table with cat

"The third year together,

We have a cat.

She is happy to send a few circle of friends.

Since then, she shared her table with the cat.

Sharing the warm sunlight in front of the window.

And I am with the cat,

Accompanied her to read each of her favorite books at the small table.

Tengyi Eames Musical Table Oh, don't bother her reading.

03/ Desk and dreams

"I am twenty-nine years old and have been single for many years. I have a certificate to test.

I used to have a dream.

I have not stopped studying in these years, I just want to achieve it.

I have been dating each other many times.

I know what I like, but I have not met him yet.

Tengmu solid wood table There will be bread, love will come slowly

Every home has a variety of different utensils.

Behind each item, there are also different stories.

However, most people are the same for the yearning for love.