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Several factors affecting the service life of solid wood veneer furniture

Solid wood veneer furniture is not bad, but you do not know, affecting several aspects of quality factors.

1Quality of raw materials
  The quality of raw materials greatly affects the final quality of the product. Take the material veneer as an example, its own natural defects greatly affect the quality of the product. If the veneer is not selected in accordance with the important and non-essential faces of the product parts to avoid the natural defects of the veneer (such as dead knots, rot, white edges, mineral deposits, mildew, etc.), select suitable veneer and flow to the next process. Then you need to rework. Another important aspect of office furniture isoffice chairAnd the front of the conference table and the front of the door of the filing cabinet require clear lines and basically no defects.AAAGrade veneer, if other grades of veneer are used instead, it is necessary to rework. Other quality problems such as wood-based panels and veneers are also affecting the quality of the process to a certain extent. For example, the common veneer bubbling phenomenon requires a large area to be sanded and re-applied, and a small area needs to be repaired. The reason of bubbling is related to the moisture content of the artificial board and the viscosity of the hot pressing glue.
  2Worker's operation
  The operation of the workers in production also greatly affects the quality of the products, and many of the quality problems presented in the processing are caused by the non-standard operation of the workers. The reason is that the workers did not select the texture or color of the veneer according to the production order and drawing requirements when selecting the veneer, which led to the later assembly to find that the veneer lines of the same product were inconsistent or the color was poorly colored; also because the relevant operators Not caused by the standard operation required by the operation. ,

  3Process planning
  Some of the quality issues presented in the veneer process are highly relevant to the rationality of the product's process planning. For example, the door panel of the filing cabinet or the upper and lower drawer drawer panels often need to be embossed or embossed, and in the production, because of the irrational planning of the stencil or the pattern, the lines of the products are found to be uncoordinated after assembly, resulting in rework. Another example is the need to seal the components of the solid wood. When planning the process, the requirements of the solid wood side and the veneer are considered. The unreasonable planning will lead to quality problems and then need to be reworked.
  4, the influence of machinery and equipment
  In the process of veneer processing, some quality problems arise due to the shortcomings of some machine equipment. For example, many companies use glue line stitching machines to make veneer. The machine is cheaper and less effective in making veneer. Especially when making large pieces of veneer, it is easy to present veneer cracking because the glue line is not firmly bonded. , resulting in easy presentation after pressing. In contrast, GermanyKUPERThe company's wireless seam-stitching machine is also called glue-stitching machine, which has high efficiency and good function, which greatly improves the quality of veneer seams. Now many companies have begun to introduce them. Other veneer bubbling as mentioned above is also related to the hot press to a certain extent.FoshanAn office furniture factory tested the hot press to prove that under the same conditions, the bubbling rate of the veneer on the press with the cushion pad was significantly lower than that of the press without the cushion cushion.