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Small common sense that needs attention in summer decoration

The decoration is year-round, summer decoration is also inevitable, the summer weather is hot, the summer decoration is the off-season decoration, the decoration company's manpower and energy will generally be more abundant, so the phenomenon of rushing and cutting corners will be less, the service and quality will be more Guaranteed, for the owners, summer decoration is still good. But the summer decoration needs to pay attention to these points.

the first,safe question

Because the temperature in summer is relatively high, the climate is dry after all, and there are more materials on the construction site. For safety reasons, the materials should be placed in the shade as much as possible. Colleagues avoid the lack of air or temperature. A fire that is high and causes a fire. Materials that are decorated in the summer should be placed on the site as much as possible to reduce the risk of accidents. Moreover, the electrical appliances and tools during operation should be kept at a certain distance from the materials, and the live working should be as far away as possible from the materials. It is best to make a reasonable division of the working area and the material area.

second,Diligent ventilation

Summer can be said to be pollution-contaminatedIn the "high-risk period", in order to avoid damage from harmful gases, non-toxic and less toxic decoration materials should be used as much as possible. In addition to the formal decoration company construction, ventilation and air purification should be done in the decoration room. When conditions permit, the room should be ventilated and ventilated as much as possible. If conditions are not allowed, some indoor ventilation devices may be used to reduce harmful gases in the room.

third,Wallpapers, paints should be naturally dry

Paint and wallpaper can be said to be the most commonly used materials for decorative walls. Because the air in the spring is damp, in order to make the wallpaper dry as soon as possible, the doors and windows will be opened to ventilate and ventilate, but the summer is different, the summer air is relatively dry, so before laying the wallpaper, you must first put the wallpaper Soak in water, then brush and paste. At the same time, the doors and windows cannot be opened, otherwise the wallpaper will be blown."Through the wind" and quickly lose water, permanent shrinkage occurs.