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Small space is not a dream, teach you to get it in minutes.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-11

Everything is two-sided. The size of the small apartment is small, but the price is affordable. In fact, the small space is not afraid. The important thing is to use the space skillfully.

One,Space is small and partitions are needed.

1,Use bookcase wall, low cabinet

Originally there was a cheap and flexible way to divide the space, like installing some bookshelves, a combination of low cabinets, and a small storage rack. If you look at it, you can always keep it. If you don’t look good, you can take it away. It is convenient.

2,Small fresh glass sliding door

It can make the space clearer and more layered. For the ordinary cabinet, the privacy is better than the cabinet, and the room permeability is also taken into consideration.

3,Raise the ground to make a platform

A method of forcing high, the usual platform is a cabinet under the platform. The other is to build the platform with a light body, then plaster the floor and lay the floor, then put the bed on top.

4. The simplest and rough----Curtains, screens

In the case of insufficient budget, we can consider curtains and screens, although the effect is not very good, but simple and affordable.

two,How to use it in one room?

1,The sofa bed changes directly to the second

The sofa bed is very good. I usually use it as a sofa to watch the electric death and eat melon seeds. When a friend comes over at night and does not hurry back, it will become a bed and be clean.

2,Retractable dining table

The table part can be made into a dual-use design. When there are few people, it can be used by the bar. When there are many people, it can be pulled out as a table of four or more people.

three,The space is small, so it should be big

1,Choose furniture that makes the space bigger


Small leg furniture, small size, small space to match the space is not too crowded. Low-rise furniture, and a low-lying bed, can also ease the pressure of space.

3,Open kitchen that can be changed

The advantage of an open kitchen is that the space is more transparent. When the water and electricity are allowed, the direct change, the small area of ​​the kitchen is counted in, and the space in the home is much larger.

4,Use color to enlarge space

The color of the furniture is still more with a point of contraction, adjust the color, and use less expansion and warm color.

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