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Smart homes are maturing and popular, and the best times are just beginning

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-06

With the development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, smart homes are becoming more and more popular. Consumers have shown strong demand for smart devices such as smart speakers, smart cameras, smart switches and smart door locks, and promote the rapid growth of smart homes.The market size is as high as 100 billion US dollars.IDC expects global smart home shipments to grow to 840 million units this year, and will grow to 1.46 billion units in 2023, a compound annual growth rate of 14.9%.

In the direction of the Internet of Things, consumer technology is one of the most potential markets.According to IDC data, global IoT spending is expected to be $726 billion this year and more than $1 trillion in 2020. Among them, only the smart home scene is expected to become one of the largest expenditure markets for the Internet of Things by 2023. Huge market opportunities and attractive cakes make smart home one of the core strategies of many technology giants.

In the pattern of the influx of many players, smart life is no longer a high-level concept, as long as you are willing to build a smart home. It is worth mentioning that China is the main market for smart homes in the world. It is expected that China's smart home equipment market will continue to grow rapidly in the next five years.The market size will approach 500 million units in 2023.

Although domestic smart homes are showing rapid growth, they are more focused on smart single products such as smart speakers. However, smart homes cover all aspects of life, from living room to bedroom, kitchen to bathroom, and even from smart community to smart life. Cross-platform interconnection restricts the smart life experience, and the competitive landscape will gradually expand to the ecology.

The final point of smart home landing is still the user, technology and wisdom to create a high-quality smart life, in order to meet the consumer's pursuit of smart home, and the interconnected ecosystem is the core of smart home, earlierIDC made predictions that the connectivity of smart home devices will be further strengthened to promote the establishment of a family IOT ecosystem.

Foshan Tengjiao Intelligent Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded inIn 2005, headquartered in "China's furniture capital"---Foshan Longjiang Town, the branch is based on "world-class design capital" --- Shenzhen, is a collection of design, research and development, production, sales and service in one internationalization Smart Furniture Enterprise is committed to providing customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services, and open cooperation with industry partners to stimulate organizational innovation and continue to create value for customers.

Tengyi's smart furniture will also actively explore, let smart furniture enter the family more, and promote the wisdom of family life to contribute their own strength.