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So, the harder the mattress is, the softer the better?

Is the mattress as hard as possible, or is it as soft as possible?


Hard mattress

A hard mattress can affect blood circulation.

The normal physiological structure of the human body is an S-shaped physiological curvature from the side. If the bed is too hard to sleep, it can not match the normal curve of the human spine, and the waist can not be supported. If the time is long, it will easily cause strain, increase back pain, etc. symptom.


The hard bed has a certain influence on the protruding bones and joints of the body. Sleeping on a hard bed, only a few points on the head, back, buttocks and heels to withstand the pressure, the spine will be in a tight and tense state, need the back muscles to support, sleep can not achieve the effect of the release.

In fact, what we usually call "hard bed" is relative to a very soft bed such as Simmons, which refers to a bed with a mattress thickness of less than 10 cm.

People who often have a backache go to the doctor and are often advised to sleep on a hard bed. Is that really hard to sleep on a hard bed? Sleeping a hard bed is not equal to sleeping hardwood. The hard-bed bed recommended by the doctor is called a cushion that is thinner on the basis of the hard bed board. In other words, don't sleep too soft, but don't sleep too hard.

Soft mattress

Some people say that Westerners are soft mattresses, and the mattresses are definitely softer.


Scientific research proves that a soft mattress can bend the spine when the human body lies on it. It will feel back pain in the short term. The long-term depression will cause the middle part of the body to sink, the upper part of the body to relax, and the lower muscles to be tightened. Causes psoas and bone strain.

It should be noted that especially in children who are still in the growth stage, if they sleep in a soft bed for a long time, it will seriously affect the development of their spine, resulting in deformation of the hunchback and spine.


From the above, it can be concluded that when selecting a mattress, the spine should be kept straight and stretched, so that no matter what the sleeping position is, it can give a good sleep state. The second is that the pressure should be equal. As long as people can relax in bed, they can choose the right mattress according to height, weight, sleeping position, etc. Most people who weigh more than 80KG should choose some hardened. mattress.

In addition, what kind of people should pay special attention to mattress selection?

Older people:

They often have problems with low back and leg pain, osteoporosis, and lumbar muscle strain, so special attention needs to be paid to mattress selection. Too hard mattresses, they are uncomfortable to sleep; and too soft mattresses are not good for them, and it is more difficult for them to get up and there is a risk of falling. Therefore, pay special attention to choose a soft and moderate mattress.


They are in the stage of growth and development. Sleeping on a soft mattress for a long time will affect the development of the spine, leading to hunchback and deformation of the spine. Therefore, it is better to let them sleep harder mattresses, and always pay attention to the child's shoulders, both sides, whether the eyes are symmetrical, and whether there is scoliosis.

Pregnant women:

When they are lying on their side, if they sleep on a soft mattress, they will increase the pressure on the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava, reduce the blood supply to the uterus, and affect the fetus. Therefore, it is not advisable to sleep on a soft mattress, and choose a soft and moderate mattress.