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Soft sofa production process and process

softwaresofaStudentProductionflowChengdetailMaybe we don't pay much attention to it. However, the sofaHealthThe production process makes our sofa deeper. HereofSome sofasProduction ProcessinwantconsideringIndustry structure.

In accordance with the shape of the sofa, now dividedChinese stylewithEuropean styleThe sofa, two primary types.Chinese styleStyle sofas generally use some elements of traditional style, and the traditional craft structure is used to make the structure more complicated.Generally solid wood leather structure, solid woodCarved,Leather paving, decoration paint and other exposed parts processing skills, long production process roads, high skill requirements.European styleStyle sofa is a relatively simple production process, modernmaterial,new skill,Mainly pure soft sofa route, the structure is often more exotic, but also more stylish gentleman style,The short-term use of the production process road is convenient for large-scale production.

The structure consists primarily of the filling of the sofa and the three parts of the fabric.

(1) The main structure and the basic shape of the sofa are formed. skeletonmaterialFirst of all, there are wood, steel, plywood, medium density fiberboard, and currently, medium to medium density fiberboard. The structure is primarily to satisfy design requirements and strength requirements.

(2Filler insofaComfortability plays a decisive role. The traditional filler is brown silk, spring stretch, now commonly used in plastic foam, sponge, compositionmaterialUse a variety of features. The filler should have excellent elasticity, fatigue resistance and long service life. The comfort requirements are different in different parts of the loading of the filling. The function of the filler, the price difference is huge.

(3Fabric texture, color determines the level of the sofa, and it is now a dazzling variety of fabrics with science and skills, will become more and more rich and diverse fabrics.

Traditional sofa of general structure (bottom): structure - wood - spring - Target gauze - Mat - sponge - Inside the bag - outer. set.

Modern sofa with general structure (bottom): structure - Elastic band - Bottom gauze - sponge - Inner bag - coat. shownModern sofaThe production process, which saves time and fixed springs, and the process of laying a mat over traditional sofas.

The production process of the sofa:

The characteristics of the sofa production are usedmaterial, variousmaterialDifferences and builds the structure of wood, steel, plywood, paint, and decoration pieces;Sponge, foamed plastic, elastic band, non-woven fabric, spring, etc.;Produce coat fabric, leather, compositematerial. The processing range, from carpenters, paint sewing workers to the hairdressing industry, the processing industry is remarkable. According to the labor, the standard of professional division of labor to improve power, this process is divided into five groups of sofas: in the structure section, the primary production sofa structure;External process, the primary part of the sofa is exposed, the lining part, the center of various types of preliminary foam, the coat process, the tailored sewing coat;The process of the assembly (skin), the semi-finished part of each former,materialAccompanied by the assembly of a complete sofa.
Each homeSofa factoryHealthProduction differenceStyle sofa flowChengAllIs different, rough division of labor,forMore specific division of labor for large and medium-sized enterprisesBigSmall transaction lines, specialized division of labor, is conducive toImprove efficiencyRate and ensure the stability of product quality.