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Soft sofa selection, fabric sofa or leather sofa is good.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-06

When you decorate your home, when you choose a soft sofa, many people will get caught up in the entanglement: Is the sofa a good choice for a fabric sofa or a leather sofa?

Some people may say that the fabric sofa looks good, but what? The fabric sofa is too dirty, dirty and not easy to wash. After washing a few times, it is almost impossible to read. Then choose a leather sofa, but what? Leather sofas are generally expensive, and they are afraid of scratching the mouth. The feeling is that they are bleeding.

It seems that this is really a tangled thing.

Fabric sofa:

The main material of the fabric sofa is cloth, and the fabrics are various. The sofas of silk and satin fabric are elegant, luxurious, coarse linen and wick.The sofa made of cashmere is heavy and heavy.

Compared with the calmness of the leather sofa, the fabric sofa is more soft and changeable. It can be changed according to different fabrics, color matching, pattern patterns, etc. The black and white gray tone is simple, the yellow, green and blue are vibrant, the plaid pattern is fresh and crisp, the geometric pattern is avant-garde fashion, etc. Etc., can create a warm and romantic room, stylish simplicity, or a variety of individual styles.

Leather sofa:

Leather sofas are divided into full-skin and half-skin sofas. Each set of leather sofas consumes a lot of leather, breathability and environmental performance. Half-skin sofas are used in some hidden areas.PULeather replaces cowhide, but the direct contact with the human body is still a higher value cowhide.

The leather sofa looks very luxurious, and the majesty and style of the leather sofa is hard to match. If the interior is gorgeous, the leather sofa is more elegant and generous.

Use cycle

Fabric sofa:

Cloth sofas are relatively cheap, generally2000-4000+Not equal, but the disassembly is not convenient, it will be broken if it is a little hard, it will be easily deformed after washing, and the sitting time will be deformed for a long time. The cloth will be deformed first and then the sponge inside will be deformed, and the style will be popular for a while. Therefore, the frequency of replacement is large, and it has to be changed in one or two years, and the service life is short.

Leather sofa:

Compared to fabric sofas, leather sofas are expensive and generally priced at8000——1w+ Unequal, long life is undoubted. The fine leather sofa is exquisite, very high grade. If you have a good wood frame and sponge, you can use it for more than ten years, and you don't have to worry about it. The quality of the leather sofa is its basic attribute. The longer it is, the more classic it is.

Comfort level

Fabric sofa:

Even if the fabric sofa is sitting still in the same position for a long time, the hips rarely feel sultry, and always feel more comfortable, and the fabric sofa gives a warm and intimate feeling, which helps to relax the nerves.

Leather sofa:

Leather sofa, the craft is cumbersome, the texture is better, but the winter sitting feeling is cold, the summer is sweaty, the meat is uncomfortable, and you have to be careful not to let the sharp things touch, otherwise it is a mouth.

Fabric sofa leather sofas have their own advantages, see how you choose.

1. If you have a small pet in your home, don't choose a leather sofa. Otherwise, you can't breathe in a minute.

2.If you have a bear child at home, or if you often have a guest, and the homeowner loves to be clean, then don't choose a fabric sofa. The fabric of the cloth is easy to get dirty. Things like water, oil, and the like will be absorbed. Not to mention losing half life, it is almost the whole family;

3. If it is a small fresh rural style and simple Nordic style, it is recommended to choose a sofa, if it is European, Chinese and other styles, it is recommended to choose a leather sofa;

4.If you choose a leather sofa, feel cold, or choose a leather art sofa but don't want to wash and wash, you can buy a variety of styles of cushions, fabric sofas can also be equipped with a set of different color styles of the sofa cover for replacement;

It is the wise thing to buy things home, not to let things use you, and which one to choose. According to the actual situation of your family, it is the most sensible.