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"Solid wood furniture" is made of solid wood? It’s not too late to know!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-06-06

Furniture is closely related to everyone. You can have no car or house, but you cannot have furniture. Furniture will accompany us every day, with every breath we take. Furniture, it is also a big headache for too many people!


1. Types of furniture

1. Panel furniture

Generally refers to furniture with MDF sticking to veneer (including MDF, particle board, solid wood particle board, melamine board), some with wood grain (paper or melamine) in the early stage, some bare boards, and some with solid wood veneer in the later stage.

2. Solid wood panel furniture

Generally refers to furniture made of solid wood finger jointing boards (also known as integrated wood, plug wood, industrial standard plates spliced ​​from small wooden blocks), common solid wood tatami and solid wood custom wardrobes are all such materials. The material national standard is pure solid wood.

3. Board-wood combined furniture

That is, the wooden frame is solid wood, usually the core board is MDF, and the composite furniture with cork skin is less used.

4. Solid wood furniture

Covers pure solid wood furniture and furniture with more than 70% wood content. There will be both a panel structure and a board-wood combination structure. It also contains solid wood furniture with cork and high-grade veneer.

5. Pure solid wood furniture

Refers to the main material (outer frame, core board) is the same type of wood main material, the auxiliary material is also wood (generally tung) furniture, solid wood furniture without veneer and plywood, wood content is 100%.


2. Status of pure solid wood furniture in the market

1. There are many types of furniture on the market, and the number is huge, but on the whole, pure solid wood furniture will not exceed 10%, and this amount includes pine low-grade solid wood furniture that is basically pure solid wood. The pitiful amount of pure solid wood furniture is an indisputable fact.

But why do so many solid wood furnitures appear on the market? The answer is market demand.

Everyone knows the dangers of MDF. The so-called E0 level is just a comfort and a selling point. You can't see the so-called imported edge banding machine. The so-called pure solid wood particle board is inexplicable. No matter how high-level it is, a large amount of glue is used as a binder. A large amount of formaldehyde glue and rich benzene are not solved by edge banding. .

But various MDF furniture still occupies more than half of the total furniture market share. The secret lies in the cost, but also in its terminal sales price-the price that ordinary Chinese consume.

2. There are a few pieces of wood on the furniture, which is said to be solid wood furniture, which has been a common phenomenon for a long time. According to the national standard [2009], pure solid wood furniture must be up to 70% standard to be called solid wood furniture. There are loopholes in it. 70% refers to area or volume. It is not clear. Please note that the country does not have a standard for pure solid wood furniture, but solid wood.

3. Talk about solid wood furniture. According to the national standard, solid wood furniture can be made of MDF and so on. Generally speaking, MDF is used on the core board. The main frame of such furniture is usually made of wood. Such furniture occupies a part of the solid wood furniture, whether it meets the needs of most people in terms of price, stability, and appearance. Such furniture can be called the most perfect and stable furniture.

However, as a buyer or even a new distributor, you must understand that at least you know that most of their core boards are not made of the same material as the frame, or even MDF.

4. Pure solid wood furniture. The main materials (frames, panels, core boards) and auxiliary materials (backboards, drawers, partitions) are made of solid wood. The main materials are unified materials, and those without plywood and veneer are pure solid wood furniture.

Now there is a concept confusion of pure solid wood, that is, solid wood furniture is then pasted with solid wood skin. Many manufacturers do this and consumers cannot identify it. The scary thing is that they look almost the same, even the skinny ones have no scars and they look more flawless.