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Solid wood furniture is very environmentally friendly, and it is easy to fall into 6 misunderstandin

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-05

Now there are more and more people buying solid wood furniture, and many people have misunderstandings when buying, thinking that buying solid wood furniture is made from a single piece of wood. I believe that solid wood furniture is natural and free of harmful pollutants. I do n’t know enough about solid wood furniture before buying, and I find that it has taste, cracks or defects. I will share with you today6A common misunderstanding is that doing these homework can better choose good solid wood furniture.

Misunderstanding 1: solid wood furniture is made of a whole piece of wood, and no glue is used

A lot of solid wood furniture on the market, except for certain large tabletops and small pieces of furniture, is rarely really made of whole pieces of furniture. But we often see that the diameter of imported wood trees is very large. Is it because it is expensive?

The actual situation: solid wood furniture is not whole wood, but is mainly wood splicing boards. It is not because the log is not expensive because the log diameter can be very large, but it is not suitable for whole furniture. Whether imported direct logs or cut and dried20-30cmFor finished sawn timber, because the single piece of wood is too large and the stability of the wood is not controlled, the processing methods are sawing and reassembling. This is our common solid wood straight log.

Buying tips: The glue environmental protection of solid wood furniture splicing is an important point of concern. If you use urethane resin, phenol resin, melamine-Formaldehyde resins tend to contain formaldehyde. It is recommended to use white latex for the glue of the jigsaw to be more environmentally friendly.

Misunderstanding 2: Pure tenon and tenon, no hardware

When our ancestors were making solid wood furniture, under the limitations of previous machines and tools, they used pure tenon-and-mortise structure to make solid wood furniture. Tenon-and-mortise joint is a connection method we explored in the case of underdeveloped technology, and has its own limitations. The tenon-and-mortise joint has a structural design taboo: the cementation at the staggered parts of the texture is not strong enough, no matter how delicate the tenon-and-tendon design, the longitudinal strength will be lost.

Actual situation: Tenon-and-mortise and hardware both have advantages and limitations. Today's solid wood furniture is more commonly found on tenon-and-tenon and hardware. The two processes are most suitable for use.

Tips for buying: If solid wood furniture is connected with hardware, the hardware must be carefully looked at, and the best quality hardware of the big brand should be selected as much as possible.

Hardware brand recommendation: German Hettich (Hettich), Blum, Austria (Blum), Germany Kasperma (KESSEBOHMER), German Häfele (Hafele), China's fiercely high (HIGOLD)Wait.

Misunderstanding 3: There is a smell at the beginning, and the windows and doors are closed to disperse formaldehyde

When I first bought solid wood furniture, especially the solid wood furniture that was painted with wood wax oil, it initially had a strong outdated vegetable oil taste, which was relatively unpleasant. I heard many people say that high temperature and high humidity can release formaldehyde, and many people close the doors and windows to make a high temperature and high humidity environment, and it only takes a long time to ventilate.

Actual situation: If you use solid wood furniture made of wood wax oil, this operation is particularly prone to decay and deterioration, especially in high temperature summer. Because the main component of wood wax oil is various vegetable oils, it is dry slowly and does not contain preservatives. If it is closed under high temperature and high humidity for a long time, the taste is unpleasant. In addition, it will affect the drying of wood wax oil and affect the flavor.

Shopping tips: For solid wood furniture painted with wood wax oil, it is recommended to open the drawer and the interior of the cabinet, and if the ventilation is good, at least ventilation2-3Months.

Misunderstanding 4: Painting wood furniture with wood wax oil is harmless

The main components of wood wax oil are linseed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil, carnauba wax and candelilla wax. It does not contain formaldehyde and other raw materials or additives, which is absolutely natural and environmentally friendly.

The actual situation: Vegetable oils inevitably contain impurities such as formaldehyde. For example, test reports of well-known brand Oushi wood wax oils in the market, formaldehyde and benzene are detected.VOCIt is also particularly high.

Shopping tips:VOCIt can volatilize if you ventilate more. It is recommended to pay attention to ventilation even if you buy solid wood furniture painted with wood wax oil. Even so, solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly than board furniture.

Misunderstanding 5: It is difficult to accept that the solid wood home has defects

Many people buy solid wood furniture and find that they may see moth-eaten, chromatic aberration, nodules, etc., thinking that the business is good enough. Even if you use the highest specification log materials on the market, because wood is a natural material, there will be imperfections, and each wood behaves differently.

Buying tips: Different wood species have different defects. It is recommended that you can brighten your eyes when buying and prevent misleading by the business.

Black walnut: easy to have nodules, chromatic aberration, glare and discoloration.

Cherry wood: obvious color difference, mineral lines and discoloration.

White Oak: Color Difference, Tabby Condition

Ash: Large pattern, rough pattern

Generally, businesses will use the good side as the front side. There are many blemishes and scars inside the cabinet. You can check it when you buy it.

Myth 6: Durable solid wood does not crack

Many people think that after purchasing solid wood furniture, it will be fine for decades. But in fact, when you buy the solid wood furniture, there may be small cracks and you feel cheated.

Actual situation: When solid wood panels imported from abroad arrive in China, they are generally dried to moisture content.10-12%. And generally large factories will try their best to reduce the probability of cracking, using various solid wood technology, but it is difficult to avoid cracking. This is determined by the characteristics of solid wood. After leaving the plant, it becomes dead wood. The cracks usually appear on the large table top and large coffee table.

Buying tips: It is recommended to choose stable wood species such as black walnut, cherry, and oak. Birch and pine are relatively soft and easy to crack. If it is a hair-like crack, the effect is not great, wait until the humidity reaches40-70%It will swell back. If the crack is a little bigger, it is solid wood furniture painted with wood wax oil, and painting can be used to repair it. If the crack is too big, then you need to contact the merchant in time to see if you can return it. At this time, it is important to choose a reliable after-sale merchant.

Even if there are so many cases of solid wood homes, solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly than panel furniture. Otherwise, people will not spend a lot of money to buy solid wood furniture, and the Chinese have a deep feeling for solid wood. If you want to buy solid wood furniture, it is recommended to do your homework before you buy it.