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Solid wood table and chair maintenance tips to make furniture more durable~

Solid wood tableIt is a table for dining with solid wood as the main material. Generally, the furniture made of solid wood is rarely doped with other materials. It is rarely used from the main materials and auxiliary materials. The four feet and the panels are solid wood (some tables may have only three feet or more than four feet, but here Mainly based on four), the connection between the four feet is made through the hole between each of the four legs, and the connection between the panels is mostly the same. Of course, a small part is the same with other materials to combine the two, common with glue, nails and so on.


First, learn regular maintenance

Anything has to be repaired for a long time. This wooden table is no exception. It is best to do oil maintenance for the wooden table every six months to prevent the paint on the wooden table from falling, which affects its beauty and shortens it. Life expectancy.


Second, the use of the environment to keep dry

In addition to not being able to place the wood table in direct sunlight, it should not be placed near the heating, and away from the place where the air flows, it must also ensure that the room is dry and reduce the possibility of wood swelling. The wooden table is cracked, making it less prone to deformation and increasing its life.


Third, avoid sun exposure

To make your wood table use for a long time, we must first help them find a place that is best for them. I believe everyone knows that if wood products are exposed to the sun for a long time, they will crack, so our wooden table must be placed in a place where it will not let direct sunlight.


Fourth, maintenance begins with use

After we buy the table and put it home, we must use it. When we use it, we must pay attention to it. Generally, the wooden table is wiped with a soft soft cloth. If the stain is serious, it can be washed with warm water. Wipe the detergent, but in the end it must be cleaned with water and then dry with a soft cloth.