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Speed ​​to the onlookers | Dragon Furniture (International) Design Competition Roadshow Highlights!

  • Author:Tengyi smart furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-07

Recently, in order to collect more innovative creative works, further expand the influence of the game,The 7th Dragon Furniture (International) Design CompetitionDesigning professional students for major colleges and universities to carry out event promotion and roadshow activities.

This road showProvincial and provincial universitiesHave developedIn order to promote the competition to more teachers and students of design institutes, it provides an important opportunity to showcase their talents, personal values ​​and self-development.

Let’s review the highlights of this roadshow.~

Provincial articles

The 7th Dragon Furniture (International) Design Competition has beenSouth China Agricultural University, Wuyi University, Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and Technical College, Huizhou College, Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College, Guangdong Literature and Art Vocational College, Guangdong Baiyun College, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou Panyu Vocational and Technical College, South China University of TechnologyAnd other colleges have carried out roadshows.

The atmosphere of the road show was very warm. The students listened to the lectures, read the entries, and asked questions about the rules and propositions. They were full of confidence in the competition.

Industry Fair Roadshow

On October 24th, 2019, Guangdong Home Design Valley made a wonderful appearance at the Guangdong Industrial Design Expo, showing the home design image to the exhibition people and promoting the design strength.

On the first day of the 7th Dragon Furniture (International) Design Competition, the organizing committee held a road show for the designers at the booth of Guangdong Home Design Valley.

Provincial section·Jiangsu line

The organizing committee of the competition went to the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions and successivelyZhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, Nanjing University of Technologyas well asJiangsu Institute of TechnologyThe special event road show was held to introduce the theme and concept of the contest, the participants, the materials and operation guidelines for the registration, the selection rules and other related content, so that the participants can learn more about the details of the contest.

Provincial section·Southwest Line

The southwestern line (Southwest Forestry University, Nanning Normal University, Nanning College, and Guangxi Academy of Art) had a high level of emotional performance at the road show. The students who participated in the presentation enthusiastically discussed the design direction of the work.

The proposition setting of this competition has a good foundation for the students' courses, providing students with a platform for displaying ideas and dreams, especially the reward mechanism for business incubation. Students will have the opportunity to participate in creative design from the perspective of the competition.The process of “work” is cultivated to “commodity” to further understand the characteristics of market demand and improve market perception, thus providing accumulated experience for future design creation.

The deadline for submitting contest entries isOn November 22, 2019, I look forward to your participation~