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Stylish slate furniture, give you the high-end sense you want!

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-22

To say what kind of home materials are popular nowadays, slate is definitely one of them.

recent years,Slate materialIt gradually entered people's sight and was widely used in home decoration. All kinds of slate furniture are also constantly appearing at the exhibition, attracting much attention.

Slate'S English isSINTERED STONE, which means "sintered stone", just explains its birth. The rock board is made by pressing natural materials through a special process and firing at a high temperature above 1200℃.

The rock board has the characteristics of large specifications, strong plasticity, environmental protection and health.

Compared with other traditional materials, the slate has the followinga:

Scratch resistant, leaving no marks. Mohs grade can be achievedLevel 6, daily scratches with knives and forks, no need to worry about leaving traces.

Heat resistance, high temperature resistance. Can withstand1200 degree high temperature, no color change after burning, no smoke, no release of harmful substances.

Dirty and easy to clean.0 penetration, high-density material, to avoid stain penetration, easily wipe off dirt.

Durable and non-fading. Solid and stable, free from harmful substances such as metals, and will not fade.

Each home material has its own unique style.

The texture of the slate material is natural and beautiful, and there are many colors to choose from. It is often used in light luxury style, modern simple style,In the ins style and other homes, it is used in TV background walls, floors, kitchen or bathroom countertops, furniture panels, etc. to easily enhance the value of the space and bring a sense of luxury and refinement to the space.

Stylish and simple slate furniture can bring artistic sense to the home space.

Home goodies

01 / Rotating Slate Coffee Table

Round combination coffee table,There is no straight line, a few rounded lines, and the Italian style is round and round.

One large and one small slab table, with a rotatable design, like two rotating planets. When they are apart, they stretch and contrast each other; when they meet, they merge into one and merge with each other.

Its style is influential. The beautiful and abstract texture clearly appears on the white countertop, with a stainless steel ring bracket and a carbon steel chassis. The light and true fashion sense does not consciously radiate. It seems that every time you pass it, your eyes will be attracted.

02 / Slate table

The white slate table top and black carbon steel table legs make Italian taste undisguised.

The classic color matching dining table, with carefully selected dining chairs, is simple for every meal, and can also have a full sense of ceremony.

The meticulously polished edges and the low-key luster of the table legs give it a sense of refinement.

If the color is all black, there will be more calm, rational temperament, with its own elegant texture.

Without compromising on the trivial life, the ordinary three meals a day can also flash fashion light.

Everyone is more or less yearning for an exquisite and orderly life,

Why not choose a piece of slate furniture for yourself,

Decorate your favorite home.