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Summer is here, take care of your furniture, sun protection is the last word!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-03

Summer is here, the weather is hot and humid, and this season, if the maintenance is not in place, the furniture is very vulnerable. In the summer, the sun is strong, and sometimes the home will turn on the air conditioner, causing the indoor temperature to cool for a while. If the furniture is not maintained, the service life of the furniture will be reduced. So how do summer furniture be maintained? What should I pay attention to in the maintenance of summer furniture? The following small series will give you a specific talk, let's take a look!

How to maintain summer furniture?

1, wooden furniture

Strong direct sunlight, excessive temperature changes caused by frequent switching of air conditioners, and excessively dry and humid environments can cause damage to wooden furniture, deformation, cracking and expansion, especially traditional mahogany furniture. A large number of carved flowers, basically without the treatment of moisture content, are more prone to thermal expansion and contraction. Experts pointed out that whether it is solid wood furniture or synthetic materials, in the summer must pay special attention to changes in indoor temperature, humidity, and damage caused by strong light.

It is recommended to adjust the position of the furniture: away from the air conditioning air outlet, avoid direct sunlight, in the strongest noon of the sun, it is best to pull the curtains. In addition, a layer of wax on the drawer, the edge of the sliding door and the bottom slide can prevent the opening and closing caused by the expansion; putting some sanitary balls in the damp place can effectively prevent the insects from biting.

2, leather furniture

If the leather furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will lose its luster and become deformed. In summer, people are prone to sweating, and the pores of leather furniture absorb sweat and are prone to odor. So in the summer, use a rag to wipe, and regularly use professional cleaning and care products to maintain; do not put the sofa in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight, keep it in an air-conditioned room to keep it dry; also avoid the rainy, wet ground and other factors caused by mildew at the bottom of the sofa .

3, fabric sofa

Factors such as sun exposure, temperature changes, and pet damage can cause the original dry and comfortable fabric furniture to fade and breed a lot of bacteria. For the maintenance of the fabric sofa, the expert said: "It is best to use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove dust from the sofa. It is best to put a waterproof sofa cushion and wash it frequently."

4, rattan furniture

Place the rattan furniture in a hot, dry place, which is very easy to crack. Moist, hot weather can also cause mold to grow between the gaps of the rattan. Therefore, avoid the rattan furniture from being exposed to direct sunlight to prevent the rattan from fading and drying. Do not get too close to the heat source to avoid deformation, bending or cracking. Pay attention to indoor ventilation and regularly wipe the rattan furniture with a damp cloth. To avoid the part that comes into contact with the ground, dip into the water.

In addition, rattan furniture will become dirty after a period of use, need to be cleaned in time, can be wiped with light salt water, both decontamination and flexibility, as well as pest control. Wring out as much as possible with a wet towel.

Second, what should you pay attention to in summer furniture maintenance?

1, sunscreen

Furniture should avoid long-term exposure to sunlight. Long-term exposure can cause cracking, fading or even deformation of the furniture surface. Because long-term exposure will cause thermal expansion and contraction of the furniture, surface cracking will inevitably occur. A lot of furniture is like this, whether it is solid wood furniture, sheet furniture or leather sofas, it is also necessary to avoid placing it in air conditioning vents and heat sources.

2, moisture

In summer, the moisture protection of furniture is also very important, especially solid wood furniture. If the home environment is damp, you can place desiccant inside the cabinet. If it is a sofa, you can put a waterproof pad underneath. If the furniture is damp, If it is not serious, it can be placed in a ventilated place to dry, and the cleaning agent should be removed with a cleaning agent, and then dehumidified.

3, dust removal

When removing dust, please pay attention to it. It is best not to wipe the wooden furniture directly with a wet rag to avoid the deformation of moisture. It is best to use pure cotton knitted fabric, and the dust in the depression can be removed with a soft brush.

Summer is hot and humid. If it is not properly maintained, it will cause damage, deformation, cracks and so on to some wooden furniture. Therefore, in the summer, it is better to protect the furniture at home. Well, the above is a small series for everyone to talk about how to maintain the summer furniture and summer furniture maintenance should pay attention to what related content, I hope to help you!