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Summer is here, your office furniture should be taken care of.

Summer office furniture maintenance tips

The hot summer is coming, the weather is too hot, people sometimes have heatstroke, furniture is the same, todayTengyi FurnitureFor everyone, the heatstroke method of office furniture.

office chair

First of all, let's take a look at the office chair. The office chair in summer is generally the refreshing type of mesh. The office furniture of the chair needs to be wiped with a rag to avoid direct sunlight and needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

Wooden office furniture

Wooden furniture must pay attention to temperature during the summer to prevent cracking. Direct sunlight or air vents can cause damage to furniture. So try to avoid direct sunlight, air conditioning air outlets, humidifier outlets. It also needs regular cleaning and can be waxed on the surface of the furniture. Wooden furniture should also pay attention to fire and moisture, and try not to enter the water when it rains in summer.

Leather office furniture

For leather furniture, it can't be dried for a long time, otherwise it will lose luster, and the leather has small gaps. It is easy to sweat in summer. The leather sofa chair is easy to smell and needs frequent ventilation.

Fabric office furniture

Fabric office furniture, mainly because it is easy to get dust, need to use dust or vacuum cleaner to absorb dust.

Iron office furniture

Wrought iron office furniture, should pay attention to anti-rust, iron furniture needs to be placed in a dry and cool position, easy to get wet, usually pay more attention to clean dust with a clean rag.

Office furniture is part of the office environment, and the sanitation environment still requires everyone to clean and reduce office smell. Create a warm and comfortable office environment, let us work more efficiently, learn more plusV:Tengyejiaju123