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Tengye Furniture talks about the "three major" factors affecting the price of leather sofa

First, leather

Two types commonly used in the market: six grades, how do you say that? The two are divided into artificial leather and natural leather. They are also divided into low, medium and high-grade layers. Artificial leather: low-endPvcSkin, middle endPvc/puMixed leather, high-end green leather, super-fiber leather, high-end and beautiful mid-end natural leather, the value is also quite high, natural leather: taking cattle as an example; low-end two-layer leather, natural/PUMixed skin (referred to as half skin), the middle end is the top layer of leather, and the high end is the whole green skin, which is the most strong part of the whole cow.

Xiaobian example: We only take a set of high-quality full-leather casual leather sofas as an example.10The whole cowhide of the head ox is the highest value of its value. The cost is not high, and it is not expected by the immature industry insiders. Therefore, its price impact is extremely powerful.

Second, the framework

Although the frame of the leather sofa is not as great as the influence of the price of the leather fabric on the price, it also plays a more important and important role. Because the frame wood is good or bad, good or bad also affects the production cost of the simple leather sofa, for example, if it uses the wood imported from abroad, the price will be high.

Third, the sponge

Compared with the former two, the filling sponge of the leather sofa may be more inferior to the price effect. However, this does not mean that the filling sponge has no effect. The density of the production and the quality of the raw materials will also affect the overall production cost of the casual leather sofa. (Small supplement: sponge with high density, the price is higher)Interested to know"Tengyi Furniture"The leather sofa."

When you buy leather sofas, you should remember to affect the price of leather sofas."Three major" elements.

At present, the price is almost very transparent. Whether it is in the industry or outside, the price is very transparent and will not be illusory. Often, the price of the same item is very low or super high. In fact, the price marked must have its superiority. The three elements don't have to worry about being deceived.