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Tengye Modern Simple Hotel Leather Sofa China Factory Supply

Nordic, simple, agile and reminiscent; each space is fixed into a style scene.

This is not just an ordinary leather sofa, it is the ultimate expression of your taste for life.

TengModern minimalist hotel leather sofa gives you a simple and stylish low-key

Let you enjoy simple and stylish hotel furniture, low-key and luxurious, as a ruler of modern business hotel, giving a visual impact, while the sofa is classic black and white, elegant and mature, inadvertently revealing the atmosphere, the design of the grade , fully embodies the taste of fashion.

Tengyi leather sofa features details:

Comfortable backrest

The buckle process is smooth and beautiful, with excellent resilience, relaxing and enjoying life.It is good to rely on it.

Good imported leather

The finest imported leather fabrics are exquisite and rich in texture. Every detail is well-considered and maintains a high level of professional production to ensure the quality and quality of the products.

Full seat bag

The seat bag is high in thickness and filled with a high-recovery density sponge for a comfortable sitting experience, so you can spend every good leisure time.

Leveling handrail

The unique shape design outlines the beauty of the sofa, and every detail strives for perfection. It is a comfortable nest for small spaces.

Good stainless steel frame

Exclusive unique tripod design, all stainless steel for long-lasting brilliance, modern and simple, with scratch-resistant nails at the bottom for durability.

Nylon elastic band/LType hook

The bottom of the sofa has a nylon elastic band that is inserted into a cross according to the original design, and is sewn at the end.LThe type hook is fixed on the iron frame.

High resilience seat bag

The soft leather, the feeling of comfort is born.