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Tengye ash Imus leisure lounge chair? How to maintain the ash furniture?

Ash is a commonly used wood for furniture. Its material is very tough, and the texture is very clear and beautiful, the gloss is very good, and it is resistant to humidity. Moreover, the ash furniture is flexible and malleable, which gives the designer artisans more design space. It also has the physical characteristics of corrosion resistance, suitable for dry climate, durable, aging is very slight, performance changes are small, after years of polishing, its material will also exude a simple taste.Tengyi Eames lounge chairThe curved plate is made of eight layers of koji, and each layer is clearly visible.

How to maintain ash furniture?

the first,Pay attention to temperature and humidity. The ash is also a kind of original wood furniture material. It is very environmentally friendly. It is a key factor for the maintenance temperature and humidity of solid wood furniture. Generally, the indoor temperature should be kept as much as possible.20-30°C, humidity is maintained at40%-50%. When placing ash furniture, try not to place it in a damp or dry place. Try to keep the furniture away from items such as detergents, inks that are corrosive and easy to dye.

second,Pay attention to pest control. Due to the sweet taste of ash furniture, it is very popular with locusts. Therefore, we should always wipe the wooden furniture of ash. It is best to use a soft rag, wipe along the texture, and then put some insecticide. Generally speaking, the ash furniture should be waxed and maintained once a quarter, while protecting the ash furniture from moisture intrusion and protecting the surface of the ash furniture.

third,Ash furniture should avoid sun exposure. Solid wood furniture is afraid of exposure, so avoid long-term exposure to sunlight.

fourth,Pay attention to cleaning. The furniture should be wiped with a dry rag, not always with a wet rag. Do not place the furniture in a damp place. Avoid direct sunlight and do not place it near stoves or heaters. For stubborn stains, choose the right cleaning agent. Solid wood furniture is usually painted on the surface, so choose a neutral detergent.