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All employees of Tengyi Furniture participated in the fire drill: life has no rehearsal, and it is p

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-04-11

Life without rehearsal, building safety"firewall"

To improve the ability of employees to prevent and deal with fire emergencies

To further strengthen fire safety publicity and education,Popularize fire prevention knowledge and enhance fire safety awareness.

recently,ChinaFoshan Shunde District Tengjiao Furniture Co., Ltd.A fire drill was carried out.

The fire drill is coming!

In the event of a fire, we have to choose to take the stairs to evacuate quickly and not take the elevator.

China's Foshan Shunde District Tengjiao Furniture Co., Ltd. has always attached importance to fire safety measures for daily production, putting the personal safety of all employees first. In every production process, we must strictly control fire safety production management, actively adopt various measures, strictly guard against strict compliance, implement safety zero hidden dangers, and zero accident principle."burning."

Workshop director to do demonstration exercises

     The exercise was started by the workshop director about how to use the fire protection equipment, the fire in the training workshop, the emergency evacuation of employees, and the evacuation of fire protection knowledge from all aspects of the workshop.

Tengjiao employees are learning how to use the fire extinguisher and the key points, open the fire extinguisher insurance pin, aim at the flame45The jet was fired and the raging fire was extinguished.

SimultaneouslyTengjiao employees are learning about the use of fire-fighting facilities such as hoses.

The fire drill used common dry powder fire extinguishers and fire hoses and fire water guns to ensure that every employee can use it skillfully. Through fire drills, the fire safety awareness of employees is improved, and more fire safety knowledge is learned. Fire escape skills and initial fire fighting methods to ensure that fire-fighting methods can be mastered in the event of a fire, evacuate the site in time, effectively avoid and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, and make fire prevention work become everyone's conscious behavior and basic duties.

Everyone is a security officer, everyone is a firefighter!