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Tengye furniture talk about the past and present of Nordic style furniture

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2019-04-10

What is Nordic style, todayTengyi FurnitureLet us talk about the Nordic style.

Young people now,90Rear00Afterwards, it is more and more simple and bright, without extra luxury decoration, giving people a refreshing visual effect. This is the Nordic style.

In general, Northern Europe refers to the five Nordic countries, including Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. The five countries are geographically close to Scandinavia. In general, the Nordic style is also broadly known.for<Scandinavian style>.

The Nordic countries are rich in forest resources and the concept of local materials is promoted. And the Nordic countries attach great importance to the vitality and warmth brought by the sun, and the light of the house is the most important. The wood has a temperature-regulating effect, so that wood is also widely used in interior design.

Light and luxurious Nordic style, affordable is a good choice for young and young people to decorate, Nordic style decoration is simple and bright.

Imagine living in the living room, winter and the sun shining from the balcony into the living room, reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee.