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Tengye Classic | Barcelona Chair designed for the King

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-08-01

"less is more"

Before the twentieth century,

Most houses in the West are still full of classical style.

The thick brick wall structure and complicated decoration are their characteristics.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, modernist buildings gradually emerged.

This time, the most famous modernist architect- Mies van der Rohe has not yet emerged,

But he has begun to design some stunning works.

MiesVan der Rohe's design legend begins with the famous Peter Behrens studio.

Most of the buildings in the past were traditional forms with obvious boundaries with the outside world.

Boldly, he denied this kind of building, and enabled a large amount of glass material to subtly resolve this boundary and develop his own style.

“Less is more” is the unique design concept of Mies van der Rohe.

In the design of architecture and furniture, he uses"Independent subtraction",

Form a unique personal design style——Minimalist,

This style has also had a huge impact on later design workers.

Designed for the king

The German Pavilion at the Barcelona International Fair, is the Mies· One of the most famous works of Van der Rohe.

The design concept of “less is more” is used throughout.

The extremely simple structure is completely different from the classical European architecture.

So that no suitable furniture can be found.

And this is exactlyBarcelona chairThe opportunity to be born.

If you can't find the right furniture, Mies· Van der Rohe designed the Barcelona chair.

Used to match the German Pavilion to welcome the kings and queens of Spain at the time.

Elegant and powerful

The Barcelona chair is a classic of modern furniture design.

Mies· Van Derro’s concept of “less is more”,

Already popularIn 90 years, it was collected by many museums.

The Barcelona chair designed for the king and queen is born noble and solemn.

In order to coordinate with the German Pavilion at the Barcelona World Expo, the Barcelona Chair will also"Minimal" is carried through to the end.

Today, the Barcelona chair is still elegant.

The Tengyi Barcelona chair is high with a replica and presents a king-level comfort seat.

The stainless steel solid frame and the selection of Italian imported leather make the style of life everywhere.

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Tengyi Barcelona Chair | Meet the style of life

Smooth curve“Large long legs”, delicate and solid load-bearing leather strips, match the Nordic style you want, and harvest elegance and comfort~