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Tengye Storage Tips | Your house can be bigger than you think

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-25

Tengye storageTips | Your house can be bigger than you think

The rooms are easily confusing and crowded, which is a problem for many small units.

For most people, the room's clean and shelf life seems to last for more than a week:

The back of the chair is always inadvertently covered with clothes.

The desktop will always be filled with small objects and books.

Today, let us unlock the hidden space at home.

Let these messy things have a place to go and make the house look bigger.~

Hidden space one · Entrance

The entrance is the first place to go home. Many items were left in this place as soon as they entered the door.

Bags, keys, umbrellas, hats, books, mixed with small potted plants, can make the entrance become lively and crowded without any effort.

Summon one for these items"Administrator" - the entrance cabinet, you can refine the space of the entrance, let the debris be placed on the cabinet according to your thoughts.

The cleanliness of the entrance is instantly increased, and the storage pressure in the living room will be greatly reduced.

Tengyi light luxury wrought iron glass entrance cabinet- Split the porch space and manage the porch

Poke pictures can be purchased (image link:Https://item.jd.com/35206231545.html)

Hidden space two · Under the TV

In the living room, the TV is the focus, and the TV cabinet under the TV is a storage space that cannot be missed.

The living room is the place where the family has the most daily activities, and it is inevitably filled with various objects.

A TV cabinet with plenty of storage space can collect small objects scattered in the living room.

A relatively small TV cabinet can also be used to place children's toys for easy access.

Tengyi light luxury stainless steel TV cabinet——Store small objects in the living room

Poke pictures can be purchased (image link:Https://item.jd.com/35847887589.html)

Hidden space three · wall

The space on the ground is used up? Then please don't let go of the white wall!

A shelf or a storage cabinet can be used to classify many items on the wall, saving a lot of space.

Collected red wine and red wine glasses, a few unfinished books, a pleasant little potted plant... can have a place on the wall, not occupying the site of other objects.

Tengyi multi-purpose rack- unlock the wall space

Poke pictures can be purchased (image link:Https://item.jd.com/31813896621.html)

Of course, in addition to using the above hidden space, keeping the room bright and regularly cleaning up objects that are no longer needed, can make the house feel bigger!