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Tengye bow-shaped office mesh chair gives you full body relaxation

Has anyone calculated how many hours to sit in a day? Cervical spine injuries are everywhere.

After investigating data hairstyles, white-collar workers83%Percentage of people, every day12hour1year365Day, day work8Hour plus night online4Hour is equal to12hour.

Therefore, a chair that can sit for a long time without fatigue and can relax the whole body is very important! Tengyi mesh cloth bow office chair is a good choice.

The simple and deep black shape makes the whole space not fall into the fashionable fashion temperament. It represents the rational design with the mesh, the classic style, the modern personality, the gorgeous appearance, but the refined shape is designed according to the ergonomic principle. You are comfortable and healthy, so you can enjoy yourself while you work.

The high backrest technique allows your back to relax.

Seat cushion with high density4*4Breathable nano mesh, super breathable, gives you a cool feeling.