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Tengye classic models | between you and the simple wind, only this Y chair

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-04

Modern wind, salt wind, Nordic wind, Chinese style... The home style is often divided into several types, and the furniture that matches it is also different.

butY chair, may be the wild type in the furniture, the living room, dining room, study can be integrated, the above several styles can also be matched.

Y chair · impression

Y chair, named after the Y-shaped design of the back of the chair, is also known as the wishbone chair.

Chinese and Western combination, clever design, this is to seeThe first impression of the Y chair.

The Y chair was born in 1949 and was designed by Danish design master Hans Wagner. The overall structure is based on wooden structure, giving a light and simple feeling.

But look closely, clean and neat lines, and a little cold and cold.

Y chair story

HansWagner is one of the four great masters of Denmark and one of the most outstanding furniture designers in the world in the 20th century. He has designed nearly a thousand works in his life and built more than 500 chairs, most of which are popular.

Denmark seems to have a dedication to superb craftsmanship, HansWagner was fascinated by cutting, carving and other techniques, eager to create beautiful and practical furniture. His design respects tradition, appreciates nature, and is "human."

The Y chair is one of Hans Wagner's many outstanding works, and has been popular for more than 70 years.

The Y chair is inspired by Chinese Ming furniture. It is said that Hans Wagner was commissioned in 1944 to design a wooden chair that was asked to make the most curved armchair with the highest standards. He conceived a variety of options, but it was always unsatisfactory, until one day when he saw the traditional Chinese circle chair, he opened the door and designed a series of chairs, including the Y chair.

Nordic modern aesthetic and Chinese elements inThe Y chair is a perfect combination. After deleting the complex, it is more feminine than the ultra-simple modern design, and it is more simple and natural than the Ming-style furniture.

Y chair · classic

HansWagner emphasizes the all-round design of a piece of furniture, thinkingA piece of furniture will never have a backHe also taught others to buy furniture like this: "You'd better turn over a piece of furniture first. If the bottom looks satisfactory, then the rest should be no problem."

Follow HansWagner's footsteps and ideas, this is exactly the same as the replica of the Y Chair.

Whole sheetY chair is made of enamel wood, which is tough and durable. The backrest bends the curve naturally, and the Y character reasonably supports the human body, relieves the body pressure, and is not tired for sedentary.

The seat cushion is made of kraft paper rope, and the back and front are the same workmanship and beautiful.

At home, table andY chairs match, solitude or reunion, the space is self-contained and simple, naturally comfortable.

TengY chair | see it, like it