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Mastering these 6 points, my mother no longer has to worry about the dirty cloth sofa!

However, all the larger companies have reception rooms for the reception of customers, and there is always an atmospheric office reception sofa in the reception room. Because of the different materials, sofas are generally divided into fabric sofas and leather sofas. Different methods of sofa maintenance are different. Modern people prefer fashion, and fabric sofas are naturally popular with most people. Cloth office sofa fashion is good-looking but it is not convenient to clean and care. So what should you pay attention to in daily use and maintenance?

1,The cloth sofa is placed with some care, so that the sofa should not be too close to the wall, and the wall part of the sofa should be kept at a certain distance from the wall to maintain good ventilation.

2,Fabric sofas should be placed in a cool, ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, and place the sofa to fade.

3,If the fabric sofa cushion can be turned over, it is best to flip it once a week, so that the wear of the cloth mat is evenly distributed.

4,The most cloth sofa is dust, and the fabric sofa needs to be cleaned and dusted every week.

5,Cloth sofas are inevitably loose when the cable head is loose. When you see it, you should cut it off with scissors.

6,The cloth cover needs to be cleaned in time, dry-cleaned as much as possible, no wandering, and the color is shrunk.