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Tengyi has good things | Create a small corner of the home, sitting in the autumn one meter sunshine

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-12

Cold air is on the line, is your city successful in autumn?

In the impression of many people, autumn comes with melancholy temperament.

But you may not pay attention to your busy work and early return.

Autumn afternoon, window, balcony, study, living room,

There is always a corner in the house with a little bit of sunshine.

Autumn can also be pleasant and lazy.

Capture the beauty, choose a lounge chair and create a small corner at home.

Sitting in the sunshine of one meter in autumn~

Butterfly chair·Smart corner

Designed by three Argentine architects in 1938, it still appears in many network red maps.

Curved chair frame, forming high and low ends, flexible and textured leather chair, hanging on the frame to form a rounded seat space, the overall shape is like a dancing butterfly.

Putting the butterfly chair into the corner of the house, the elegant and unique shape can make the corner become smart and natural. Warm sunshine, comfortable sitting, time seems to slow down.

Mesh chair·Creative corner

If you prefer a creative corner, you will like this mesh chair.

The chair is made of stainless steel and is interwoven into a grid that is curved into a cradle-like seating space.

The round corners are mostly used at the corners, which relieves the cold texture of steel.

Put the mesh chair on the corner of the balcony, the sun is on the side, suitable for taking a book, and enjoy a pleasant afternoon.

Egg chair·Fun space

PopularMore than 60 years of classic lounge chair, shaped like a half egg, with a generous back and a thick cushion, sitting in is like entering an "enchantment", quiet and easy to isolate the outside world.

The egg chair is designed in a rich Nordic style, making it easy to make the space look simpler and more natural.

Put it in the corner of the house, not only to enhance the value of the space, in the autumn afternoon when the temperature is relatively low, take a small blanket, you can also have warmth and beauty.

Is there a small corner that makes you feel good?

It’s autumn, let’s put it together.~