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good news! How stylish is this trumpet leather sofa in the office?

Leisurely and comfortable family, home, an environment that is extremely relaxing,TengNordic VIP leather sofa, special shape, soft cushion, special backrest angle, showing the real self space makes people feel warm and stylish.

You have an extraordinary understanding of art, just like a white crane, you can enjoy a leisurely self-satisfaction, and a sofa in the corner stands quietly there, exudes a natural atmosphere, which is also a timeless elegance in the city. landscape.

The straight line of beauty is not abrupt, the outer lines are strong and powerful, the inner lines are soft and comfortable, and the body's needs are attached to the beautiful visual effect of the outer softness.

Every family has its own story, with the sun, the green field, building a warm home that can carry their dreams, sit and watch a sofa. Life may be dull, it may be simple, but it has its own meaning.

The smooth lines and smooth lines give the sofa a more comfortable feel. The soft leather is stitched directly to the dark tattoo, and it is extraordinarily relaxing in the office.

The ergonomic backrest design, super full backrest, from the human body structure, study the beautiful curve of the human body and the sofa contact, close to nature and beautiful and practical.

Recommended to choose Tengyi office sofa5Big reason:

1. The first layer of leather, the sofa contact surface is selected from the top layer of leather, the surface is flexible and smooth, the pores are fine, the internal structure is fine and firm, wear-resistant, not easy to break, and has good elasticity.

2. High-density sponge, Tengjia household filler is made of antibacterial high-density sponge, which is durable, not easily deformed or broken, and is soft and comfortable to use.

3. Leather button, button skin full leather custom, plus stainless steel film, exquisite and beautiful.

4. Springs and rubber bands are made of foreign bold high-strength serpentine springs and superior rubber bands with a cross-web structure. This is the mainstream structure adopted by domestic first-tier manufacturers, with a more comfortable seat and a longer life.

Source: Alibaba-Tengyi Furniture