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Tengye single chair allows you to enjoy the freedom of one's leisure!

  • Author:Tengyei Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-04

Combination sofas are more common in the family, but when we see single-player chairs in TV dramas or movies, such as Eames lounge chairs, swan chairs, egg chairs, or lying, or squatting, single chairs in high-value homes. It will be another taste.

Here, Tengyi Furniture introduces several classic single-person chairs, and feel the charm of the next-seat chair together.~

1. Eames lounge chair

Eames lounge chair (Eames lounge chair), designed for comfort, the curved panel is made of seven layers of curved wood and is ergonomically comfortable. Simple and modern, it is a perfect balance between aesthetics and function. I believe that having such a single chair in the home, whether in the living room or in the bedroom, is a manifestation of quality.

2. Leisure cloth sofa chair

Without any pressure and restraint, or distorted, or stretched, the soft touch creates a warm space that allows the body to completely relax and feel incomparably comfortable. In a busy urban life, a person's meditation is also a pleasure, distorted on the sofa. Put your thoughts on the air, warm and cozy.

3. Jacobson Egg Chair

Egg chairEgg chairThe egg-shaped chair was created by Jacobson for the lobby and welcome area of ​​the Royal Copenhagen Hotel. Because the plates were not very skilled at the time, and all things had to subvert the traditional craftsmanship, Jacobson used the FRP inner embryo and the outer layer of woolen velvet Italian leather. The main feature was the cushion and The size of the backrest fits the human body layout, built-in sponge, elastic, sitting firmly, four bright aluminum foot brackets, can360Rotate. The unique shape of the egg chair opens up an undisturbed space in public.

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