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The Eames residence is also a classic of modernist architecture

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-06-11

Charles.Ims Charles Eames(1907year-1978Years)

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, studied architecture at the University of Washington.

bud.Ims Ray Eames(1912-1988)

Born in California, USA, under the German abstract expressionism artist Hans·Hoffman (Hans Hofmann)

Charles and Ray· Eames is a good partner in artistic creation and a life partner. What a romantic thing to build a hut for the rest of your life! Many of the furniture they planned are still regarded as classics in the contemporary era, especially the Eames lounge chair and shell chair. In addition, the Eames residence is also a classic of modernist architecture.

The spouse's home is1949Built in year,71Years have passed and it is still worth studying and discussing.

The south gate and east of the Eames residence are full-length floor-to-ceiling glass. The outside environment is very open. It is a very good introduction room and can experience the changes of light and shadow through different periods of the day.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, green plants placed everywhere, and high and low space arrangement, the whole space is full of the smell of the day, all the planning is for users. The


It is not necessary to only pursue a large space, but also a space for comfort and peace of mind. The bedroom of Eames’ residence is only for simple functions, without too much decoration. The

Today, I went to a construction site that was about to be completed to check the details. The customer was also there. We sat on the floor of her house. Although there was no furniture yet, it felt very exaggerated. Her younger son said that we should move in soon. , I talked to her recently studying the international classic residence, talked to the residence of Eames' spouse, and said that we also buy an Eames recliner to put in the living room, she liked it after reading it.

Eames reclinerIt is the spouse plan of American Eames, it is the permanent collection of the American Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago!Eames Lounge Chairborn in1956year,2003Was listed in the International Best Product Planning Forest, the film director of the Golden AwardBilly WilderBirthday presentHerman MillerwithVitraDarling.

How comfortable is the Eames recliner? The

It is said that Charles had invited his old friend to watch the script on their experimental recliner. When Charles returned home, he found that the old friend had fallen asleep on the recliner. The

This kind of comfort is that of the Eames reclinermagic. The

This comfort was born in the recliner from Eames60Today, many years are still being pursued.

Written at the end, after the baptism of time, although the beautiful color has gradually faded, but it does not affect the beauty of the whole, but instead of having a taste, this is the charm of the classic residence!

We have been thinking about whether private house planning should give residents a real and comfortable day. Will there be clients who appreciate our previous works after five, ten, and twenty years? Each set of works should be done with a research mentality.