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The Essence of the Condor Heroes

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-07-17

Legendary love,

Living dead tomb,

Double swords,

Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl!

In my heart, as in my heart,

The imprinted mark is indelible.

in20Century's design community,

There are also a pair of fairy monks who are famous all over the world.

Their names are:




In the book of Mr. Nakamura,

Referring to the circling of contemporary architecture,

When the architect wins the first important project of his career,

The biggest reward for yourself is:

Buy one"Eames Lounge Chair"!

In addition, the beautiful sister also told me an anecdote.

Said her Huarun Party A design head,

A meeting on a certain day announced:

If any design institute’s conference room is placed,

Pirated Eames chair,


He refused to go to the design company to attend the meeting!


Although the plot is slightly exaggerated and dog blood,

But it is not difficult to see the weight of Eames in the design of people!

Everyone thought that Mr. Eames was a furniture designer.

As a professional in the field of architecture,

I will be very proud to tell you,

He is a student of architectural design!


Although I did not finish reading, I dropped out of school.

But what makes me even more proud is that

He is still a cross-border master who embraces everything possible.


product designer,

Movie director,


Technology popularization,

. . .

Eames lounge chair

Is the representative of the Eames

1950year,Charles and Ray EamesIn the face of a new battle, they have to plan a chair that is both economical, concise, peaceful, and of high quality. Conceived from the Eiffel Tower in France, they used twisted steel bars and shaped plastic to make this classic dining chair. The beautiful shape and useful functions made the Eiffel chair popular and popular.

Tengyi Eames leisure chair work

1The curved plate is made up of seven layers of curved wood, with sour veneer, cherry veneer or walnut veneer, with natural color and texture.

2, aluminum feet: black painted five-star aluminum feet (Herman MillerVersion) or silver polished aluminum feet (VitraVersion) Optional.

3, seats, backrests and armrests participate in high-elastic sponges, chairs can360Rotate with foot.

4Sit up and relax, elegant and generous. Then arrive to relieve stress and eliminate the effects of fatigue.

5,Wide range of applications,Eames Lounge Chair Fine technology, modern fashion. It is completely designed for comfort, and the combination of molded plywood base and leather pad is highly conceived and ergonomically comfortable.