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"The Game of Rights" is about to be called off: How long does it take to wait for the next

Ice fire is indeed the only one in history, it is difficult to meet such a film that people are nostalgic.

2019year4month14Day (North America time), "Game of Thrones" was released in the final season.

Douban score9.8The right to travel, less thantwenty fourHour, super2The average of 10,000 people once again proves its unshakable status as a US drama. Conscience of the industryHBO,spent2In the year, the slow work is fine; indeed, let us return to the grand scene of the right to play in the opening.

From the first season to the present, eight years, it can be said that we have walked through the whole youth.

I believe many people, when they hear the theme song of "Game of Thrones", they still can't help but numb their scalp.

"Every time the familiar melody sounds, it seems that the whole person has teleported to the mainland of Westeros. The success and failure of those heroic heroes, the joys and sorrows, are happening before you and me."

Do you have such feelings, when we see the first episode, Erqi and Snow, cross the eight seasons, and reunite that scene;

All thoughts, instantly in my heart......

The classic has become a classic because it hits your heart at some point;

Like this one belowEames lounge chairsame.

Charles&Ray Eames Couple (American modern furniture design master) design

Eames lounge chair has gone through80The baptism of the year is still at the top of fashion. This may be the classic. Lying on the leisure lounge chair of Eames, you can enjoy the right to enjoy.Just likeThe most excellent part of the right to tour, in my opinion, is actually the ups and downs of the rock, the exciting story.

The story is first introduced from the Winter City, and then spread to the entire Westeros continent, the struggle and alliance between the family and the family, the struggle and confrontation between humans and different ghosts, you never know what to see next. But can guarantee that nothing you see will not disappoint you.

There is blood, there is truth, in the same way, despicable, cruel, selfish, greedy everywhere; right travel, in fact, is the real world, just a few more dragons.

The same as the Eames lounge chair, it is classic because it"The image of the high-end atmosphere, yet elegant, according to the ergonomic design, sitting and lying down to watch the US drama do not feel tired.The game "The Game of Rights", I think everyone is the longest-running American drama like me. After watching the first episode, I was deeply attracted by this drama.In addition to being obsessed with the magnificent world view of power, the ups and downs of the plot; those who have grown wildly in troubled times have also given me a feeling of growing up with them.However, instead of saying that the drama is a war for men, it is better to say that it is a complete epic of female growth. My favorite female character is Danielis.· Tangerian.

As a well-deserved female protagonist,"Long Ma" is said to be the most popular female role in the whole drama. Her experience is a miniature epic of women's rise.In addition to the screen, Emilia Clarke, the actor of Longma, suffered from meningeal bleeding during the filming of Quanyou, and more than one-third of the patients with this disease died. Two illnesses were on the verge of death, two brain operations were performed, and Clark, whose brain was traumatized, was replaced by aphasia."I am an actor, I need to remember my lines, but now I can't even remember my name."But in the end, she still came over with an astonishing will, and finally she had Danielis Tanglelian, who vowed to recover her home. Just as she made a domineering out of the fire several times in the play, she was truly Queen.often,Only the pursuit of the ultimate in art can achieve a true classic.

In fact, it is coincident with the demand for quality of Tengyi Furniture. Whether it is the classic master's Eisle lounge chair, or other series of Tengyi furniture, you will not forget the original heart, inherit the classics, create value for customers and high-quality life experience.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your companionship in the past eight years. Let us meet the final season together.Choose oneIris lay down on the chair and cherish the last season, because I don’t know how long it will take to wait for the next classic? But the classics will always stay in the heart, just like the Eames lounge chair, the drama will give you a feeling of comfort.