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The Tengye Eames recliner is equipped with a high engraved version, which perfectly shows the comfor

  • Author:Eames recliner
  • Release on:2020-05-28

20In the 21st century, the modern furniture industry is surging, and a large number of outstanding designers have emerged.

The Eames are among them.

Charles· Eames was born in St. Louis and studied architecture at the University of Washington.

Later, he and Lei· Kaiser married.

Since then, the fairy couples have opened a design legend together, known as20The most influential designer of the century.


World Famous Chair——Eames reclinerThey designed it.

20In the middle of the century, before meeting Lei, Charles Eames was already well-known. He participated in the design of the chair and won the first prize of the furniture design competition.

But because the plywood lamination process is not yet mature, their award-winning chairs cannot be produced.

After the marriage, Charles did not give up, he and Lei repeated experiments, perfect the plywood lamination process.

This process has made plywood furniture possible, and also made the chair popular.

In the creative career, the Eames have been pursuing enjoyment"True fun".


Charles once said his dream is"Working with people who develop useless projects will create a spark of new ideas."

In this way, in various collisions, the spark of their inspiration continues to bloom.

A simple wooden stand device made by friends for a nap inspired them, and the Eames recliner was born.

The Eames recliner is a permanent collection of the American Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Billy Director· Huide has a group.

There is a group at the Jobs family, he had been with Bill· Gates sits separately.

Jane· Fangda also has a group.

This set of chairs should"It is as comfortable and easy to use as a baseball glove" and can become a refuge for fatigue. This is the original intention of the Eames and his wife.

"15° Tilt "," three-stage design ", leather combined with curved plates, they polished this set of chairs with every detail.


How comfortable is the Eames recliner?

It is said that Charles had invited friends to watch the script on their experimental recliner. When Charles returned home, he found that the friend had fallen asleep on the recliner.

This comfort is the magic of the Eames recliner.

This comfort was born in the recliner from Eames60Today for many years, it is still pursued.

Inheriting the classics, the Tengye Eames recliner is equipped with a high version of the engraving, which perfectly shows the popularity of the Eames recliner60Years of comfort.

The artificial one-to-one selection of leather materials and the curved plate formed by seven-layer curved wood composite plywood stamping reproduce the classic appearance design of the Eames recliner.

Senior craftsmen with many years of experience in sewing and hand-skinning, the traditional handicrafts are still applied to furniture production in Tengye. The furniture not only has accuracy but also temperature.

The simple and stylish design and sleek and elegant appearance allow Eames recliner to be suitable for a variety of scenes today, perfectly blending into modern home furnishing.

Either sit or lie down, or read a good book, or watch an old movie. With this set of magical Eames recliners, you can have a leisurely and comfortable afternoon.

About the bent plate of the chair

The bending plate is made of7Thickness of laminated wood board10mmThick, many factories now make bent plates more than10mm Some even reach15mmAnd it ’s not real7Layered wood panels are spliced ​​together, some are eight or nine layers10Under the premise of ensuring stability, in order to achieve the same curvature as the original, we tried dozens of times and hundreds of times of production, and finally showed the same curved plate as the original.

In order to be highly restored, we also made natural wood veneer texture on the inside of the bent plate, and the soft cushion can be removed. This method is very difficult. At present, the cushions made by many factories cannot be removed, and there is no natural veneer texture on the inside. The mat can be removed Have2This is a benefit. The first is that one of the mats is damaged and can be removed. Let the manufacturer make a mat and install it directly. The second is cleaning.

Not only that , The angle formed by the seat bag and the bag of the chair is also very particular, the genuine is103° The same is true for us, the angle formed by the seat plate and the horizontal plane is15°, this angle is not only ergonomic, but also very important to human health.babyChildren are lively and active, like to climb on the chair to play, do not worry that the chair will fall over.

In order to let the chair lie down has a certain cushioning effect, it will not be tough. The chair has a very clever design at the armrests, with a cushion. In order to achieve the same effect as the original version, this cushion is made by special mold opening.

About our cortex

The chair material is imported from Italy, the first layer of yellow leather, this leather is pure natural Good breathability The texture is smooth, it feels very comfortable, has a certain degree of elasticity, the key is durability, compared to imitation leather orPU The wear resistance of the leather is better, and the service life is longer. The ordinary imitation leather is two to three years, while the cowhide10There is no problem at all over the year, from the selection of the skin embryo to the subsequent production are processed in the Italian factory, and then shipped to the country. Every skin scar and pore is filtered through strict screening.

About sponge

The sponges we use are latex cotton. Many people may not understand latex cotton. Many thousands of memory pillows use latex cotton. Latex cotton has many advantages over ordinary sponges. The first is a cushion with good resilience and good resilience. After sitting for a long time The cushion can be restored to its original state immediately; second The plastic effect is good, the appearance can be exactly the same as the genuine one, and the kind of wrinkle and fluffiness on the surface can be reflected; third The most important thing is better comfort. The only shortcoming is that the cost is relatively much higher. During the development process, To choose this sponge Several of our R & D masters have been arguing for a long time. In the end, the company decided to use latex cotton because it not only looks good, but also has a more comfortable sitting feeling.

In addition to comfort Environmental protection and health is also a concern for many people now. If a chair is very good-looking and comfortable, but it is not environmentally friendly Formaldehyde exceeds the standard, then it is not a chair It's a dangerous product. Our chair has never been expected to produce and ship every detail is strictly screened, non-standard and environmentally friendly materials are definitely not applicable, many people buy sofas at home The chair should be left at home for a while before daring to use it. And the chair we made Can be used after unpacking, at homebabyDon't worry about this problem.

With the filling of latex cotton The soft-covered cushions look very round and full, and the folds and fluffiness of the leather are also highlighted.

Can such a modern, casual, comfortable and high-end leisure lounger be unmoved?