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The apartment furniture customization must be far from the misunderstanding

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-16

I didn’t have any requirements to buy things before, I think it’s right, but people nowadays prefer personalization.

Customization, the apartment furniture customization is very important, because a little carelessness will fall into some mistakes.

Inside the district, let's take a look at what misunderstandings there are.

Misunderstanding 1: Too much emphasis on the furniture effect of the exhibition hall

When many owners choose custom products for apartment furniture, they see the business in the showroom.

The effect of the face, but the apartment space and the exhibition hall are very different, the exhibition hall does not need

The home function is restricted, and there will be no restrictions on the size of the house. The merchant will also invite some designers to come in.

The layout of the rows is designed and arranged, so the effect you see in the exhibition hall is very good. But just

Because of this, we can't rely too much on the effect of the exhibition hall when purchasing apartment furniture.

Make judgments.

Misunderstanding 2: copying the home decoration effect

When customizing the apartment furniture, the merchant will also come to the home according to the specific situation in the owner's home.

With some adjustments. Many owners see the furniture displayed in the exhibition hall, they will copy to their own public

Inside, but the actual effect is not so ideal. This is because it will be affected by the size of the apartment.

The height of the floor and the influence of lighting, decoration style and other factors. Directly put the furniture without making any changes

When I moved to my home, most of the time I didn't achieve the desired results.

Misunderstanding 3: The overall furniture is custom furniture

Many owners mistakenly believe that the overall furniture is custom furniture. In fact, the overall furniture refers to the empty space.

Inter-structure, through professional designers in accordance with physical structure, spatial analysis, first-class ergonomics

Making furniture. The customization of apartment furniture refers to the personal preference, special requirements and space of the owner.

Point to make personalized furniture.

Therefore, if there is a custom demand for apartment furniture, then these misunderstandings at the time of customization

Never enter, lest you lose more than you gain.

Tengyi focuses on hotel-style apartments, apartments, small apartments, private custom and other matching furniture, one-stop service

Business."Providing a total space solution."

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